May you, your family, and your friends, have a wonderful season of joy. As we stand on the eve of a New Year, our prayer is for 2018 to be the best year of your life. Let us pray that a world in turmoil and a divided nation will find a new center in the love of our heavenly Father.

We’re gone until after January 1st, but we’ll be back with more to come. Stay tuned as we begin another year wrapped in hope.

Robert L. Wise





           Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

My blogs not only offer my findings with people who had divine intervention experiences, but analyze what occurred so you can learn insights that will apply to your life. I hope to bring a return of the miraculous to the local church. I began because of the realization that local churches have often lost touch with appropriating the empowerment and gifts that our heavenly Father offers.

Was there ever a time when we needed the insight more?

Because Leslie Draper has an ongoing ministry with hurting people, we have looked at her work for a number of sessions. This is the final opportunity to discover her insights. Take another look.

Sensitivity to Others

Her own struggles made Leslie highly sensitive to hurting people. She is immediately available to ease their pain. She will quickly tell anyone that her ministry is not about her or her needs. Her focus is on others and her concern is key to her ministry.

Do we have the same focus? The vast majority of the population would have to answer no. Recently, a friend was having lunch in a public restaurant when an elderly man began choking. With people all around him, no one moved and most looked away. Finally, my friend jumped up and performed the Heimlich Maneuver that saved the man’s life. Apparently, he was the only one in the restaurant focused on the man’s obvious need.

Because the heavenly Father is concerned for the well-being of every living creature, our concern for others brings us into touch with His work in the world. We are moved closer to an experience of divine intervention. Sensitivity to hurting people helps to position us to discover the miraculous.


Intuitiveness is an internal part of knowing. Our personal, inner mental resources inform us about reality and we rely on the internal insights to guide us. That’s how intuition operates. Leslie Draper has always been a highly intuitive person. On the other hand, people who are extroverts develop their sense of reality from outside themselves. They look around and observe what they can see beyond themselves and then make decisions. They are outer-oriented. However, prayer and meditation cultivate intuitiveness. Leslie’s talks with angels grew out of her listening with an “inner” ear. Reconsider your own intuitiveness as a factor in ministry.

The Holy Spirit

            While Leslie’s earliest experiences with church people gave her problems, they also imparted an extremely important dimension to her life. The Pentecostal Church emphasized the work of the Holy Spirit. Early in her development, Leslie learned to listen inwardly to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking in her mind. Guidance came much like her thought processes operated. She had learned to listen with attentiveness to the inner voice that came from the Holy Spirit – and angels.

Leslie would tell you that being attuned to the Holy Spirit is the key to all of her other divine intervention experiences.




Blog 41 May 22, 2017 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

STOP! Got a road sign for you. This is the last blog until June 12. Sorry, but I’ll be traveling and out of the country. As you probably know, I work with Pope Francis as his Apostolic Representative For Christian Unity. I travel all over creation talking with Catholics and Protestants about the possibility of “unity without uniformity.” That idea suggests we can be friends and fellow travelers even if some of our beliefs and perspectives are different. On June 4, Pentecost Sunday, we will gather on the Piazza in front of Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I’ll be back on June 12 with an update for you.

Now, on to Leslie. She discovered that angels have the capacity to intervene but do so only if it is for the highest good and honors free will. In her experience, angels don’t have “egos” and we cannot make them angry. Rather than saying “don’t do it,” they offer guidance and counsel. They never interfere with free will and only offer guidance. When Leslie asked about the nature of God, in contrast to what she had heard in church as a child, they showed her a “being” of loving light with hands that turned into angels. Angels are the hands of God. The hands can intervene unexpectedly.

For example, Rita Jester’s son David was killed in a car wreck. The fact that a careless driver crossed two lanes and hit him head-on wrecked her faith and created bitterness. Rita turned to lawyers for retribution. They told her it would be necessary for her to look at gruesome pictures of her dead son during the trial. Sitting in the lawyer’s office, Rita writhed in agony, wrestling with whether it was possible for her to endure seeing those terrible pictures. She couldn’t make a decision. Her son had been her best friend. Rita began crying out, “David, help me.”

At that moment, Leslie Draper was driving down the highway. Abruptly, she was emotionally overwhelmed and had to pull over to the side. Without knowing why, Leslie knew she had to call this number rolling around in her head and tell the person who answered, “not to do it.” She dialed.

Rita Jester had no listing. She had no idea how the party calling could get her phone number. Leslie’s voice said, “don’t do it. I believe the angels are telling you not to do it.”

Leslie had no idea what the message meant. She was simply obedient.

Greatly relieved, Rita Jester knew she had heard a message from God. After canceling the lawsuit, she went home with her faith renewed.

The recovery of direction was extraordinary for Rita; normal for Leslie.







BLOG 40 May 15, 2017 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

When Leslie began hearing angels, the idea complicated her sense of stability. Consequently, she went to psychologist Dr. Jonathon Cargill to make sure she was not off the track. After a battery of psychological tests, the psychologist certified her as balanced and normal. The same results were later affirmed. There was nothing wrong with Leslie.

The ministry began to unfold because she wanted to comfort the afflicted. With unusual sensitivity, Leslie helps strugglers find direction and support. She is keenly aware that the ministry is never about her.

Her ministry is fundamentally the restoration of damaged souls. Leslie’s goal is to bring wholeness to anyone in need. Leslie’s ministry is not divination or some form of predicting the future. She understands herself to be operating in a biblical framework as the book of Acts describes (Acts 2:17-18). Leslie believes her primary gift is obedience. The unusual ministry flows from fidelity. Her encounters with angels is an expression of the gifts of the Spirit.    Leslie believes that everyone has a guardian angel. Through prayer and meditation, her experience has been that anyone can get in touch with this resource. She believes we will discover that they have already been at work within us as the still, small voice offering guidance. When a message abruptly floats through our minds and we have no idea where it came from, she believes our guardian angel might be offering guidance.

Such an experience occurred when the Draper family lived in Glen Rose, Texas. She hurried out the door to pick up her daughter at school. As she was backing out of the driveway with her three-year-old daughter in the back seat, she saw money in the driveway and believed it had fallen out of her purse. At that moment an angel showed her a disturbing image of her falling out of the car to pick up the cash. She put the car in park and collected the money, thinking about how little money they had. After she got back in, Leslie saw other money on the grass and opened the door to lean down and get it. The car started to roll.

The inside panel gave way and she tumbled out, falling under the car. What followed only took seconds, but felt like an eternity. Leslie was abruptly upright in the car seat with no idea how she got there. For a moment, she thought maybe she was dead and was in shock. Two hands had grabbed her and put her back in the car. Leslie felt the imprints on her arms and looked for the stranger that saved her. No one was there. Suddenly, she remembered the warning and felt the angel Michael warned her to be careful.

In retrospect, she discovered that angels have the capacity to intervene but do so only if it is for the highest good and honors free will. They never interfere with free will and only offer guidance. 

Blog 24, 2017 January 23, 2017 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE

Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

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            Christy Clark started running a fever of 105 and became so sick she couldn’t drive herself to the emergency room at the local hospital. She placed a damp washcloth on her forehead and fell back into a sleep. Without any idea of how long she had been in a troubled sleep, Christy felt herself being awakened by a beautiful bright white glowing angel. With long white flowing hair, the angel seemed to be female.

The angel reached down and took Christy’s hand, helping her raise out of bed. When Christy looked back, she could see herself laying in the bed with a washcloth still on her forehead. The angel led her straight through the bedroom wall. As they floated through, vibrant colored lights like sparklers flashed reds, yellows, greens. The journey with the angel led her to a magnificently beautiful place covered with bright white light. At the other end was an even brighter white arched open doorway guarded by a different angel.

Christy peered through the entryway and saw the forms of people walking by that she knew were human souls. They smiled and waved to her, motioning for her to come in with them, and Christy felt she belonged there. Everything about and from her physical life no longer mattered. All she could think about was entering this beautiful space with them. Like the pull of a strong magnet, she felt her soul being tugged through the archway.

The white-haired angel floated back close to Christy’s side and told her that they had to return. Christy protested that she didn’t want to leave this beautiful place. The angel explained that Christy still had a great deal of work to do on earth and many people needed her help. It simply wasn’t her time. The angel took her hand and started leading her away.

Suddenly, Christy was back in her room standing in front of her body, still sleeping with the towel on her face. One minute Christy was outside and the next back in her body. Christy still felt sick, but the fever had broken.

She had heard about out of body and near-death encounters, but remains quite certain what she experienced was not a hallucination. Her night journey to heaven remained as real as everything around her. All fear of death was gone.


Blog 22 January 9, 2017 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE!

Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

The New Years is already swirling along! And we need all the encouragement we can find. Sometimes angelic guidance breaks through in ways that we would never expect Here’s an experience of extraordinary help.

Rita Jester knows all about pain. Her son David was killed in a car wreck. An oncoming car swerved across two lanes and hit him head on. David’s death destroyed Rita’s faith. Her anguish was almost too great to bear.

Rita struggled to keep going and finally decided that she would take the matter to court. Lawyers were found that could help file a suit and the legal scenario began to play out. Finally, the day came for her to meet with the attorney and decide what would happen in court. Rita felt confused and wasn’t sure that she should even proceed. In the flow of the conversation, the lawyer told Rita that during the trial it would be necessary for her to see gruesome pictures of her dead son.

How could she do such a thing? Rita struggled in even thinking about the car wreck, much less seeing the pictures. No. NO! She couldn’t even imagine such a thing! Under her breath, she began crying out, “David! David! Wherever you are! Please help me.”

Before she could go forward she needed some sign of David’s approval, but, of course, he was gone. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. Rita glanced at the identification window. How could it be that someone would call? She had an unlisted number that no one could obtain. Leslie Draper was calling.

Leslie is a personal counselor with an unusual ability to communicate with angels. She often helps people by conveying what angels tell her for them. She had been driving down the highway when an unknown phone number kept running through her mind. She had no idea what it meant, but when such occurrences happened, she always knew it was important to jot the number down. She pulled over to write it down. An angel began to whisper in her ear. “Call this number and tell the person who answers that David says to cancel everything.”

Leslie had no idea what all of this meant or who she was calling, but she knew she must try. She dialed the number. Rita answered. Leslie conveyed the message that she did not personally understand.

Rita was overwhelmed! She immediately cancelled the lawsuit. The angel’s message lifted her out of the emotional struggle and brought reassurance. Rita’s faith was recovered. Her faith had been restored. She had the direction she needed.

Art Believes in Angels

Blog 21 December 19, 2016 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE

Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

Art Shaw is a fascinating guy. At age 95, he is a retired Army Colonel who fought in World War II and all the conflicts that followed. Art received a serious back injury that required a spinal fusion from L1 to S1. Twenty-two units of blood were needed. A team of doctors and nurses was required to move him in the bed. Of course, any motion was extremely painful. Nevertheless, what the staff called a “log roll” was necessary to prevent pneumonia.

In the middle of the night, Art heard a voice call his name. “Art, it’s time to log roll.” No one was in the room. The voice came again. Because of the pain and serious possible complications, Art knew how difficult it would be. “Art, do what I tell you and your won’t be hurt.” Art intuitively knew to obey.

He opened his eyes and saw something like a black tube extending into infinity. At the top was a bright, concentrated light. With the instruction to turn over came the assurance that they would help him do so. He made the log roll and went back to sleep.

Later in the night the voice called again. “Art, it’s time to roll.” The same assurance that he would be helped was there. He turned over. Easily.

When his wife Joan arrived the next morning, Art told her that he turned over twice.

“Impossible!” she insisted. “You couldn’t have!”

She rushed out of the room to confront the nurse. “What are you giving him?” she forcefully inquired. “What drugs? What pain killers? Is he hallucinating?”

The nurse frowned. “What are you talking about? We didn’t give him any additional medications last night.

Joan dragged the nurse and her assistants back to his room. “He couldn’t have turned by himself! The pain would be too great. Too dangerous. But look!”

The nurse stared for a moment and then ran for the doctor. Dr. Shephard came in. Astonished! There was no medical explanation for how Art Shaw could have been repositioned – but it had happened – twice.

The angel continued to speak several other times. “Art, you will be alright. You’ll be okay.

When Art told me this story, he was relating how he had come to know that a guardian angel was with him. Like a voice speaking inside his head, when his name was called direction followed. Today at important times, Art’s angel always shows up and gives him the orientation that he needs.

Art told me that the Angel always has the same particular tone in voice. Distinct. Individual. Whenever the voice sounds, Art knows who is speaking and listens.

Believe in Angels? Art certainly does.


Blog 20 December 12, 2016 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE

Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

I have known Mike and Beth Owen for 25 years. We have worked together, socialized, debated ideas, and watched their children grow up. When we are both in town, Mike and I have lunch together every Tuesday and they remain our best friends. Much of what I report in these blogs comes from personal observation. They shared an experience that has important insights for us.

Beth’s first angelic encounter came when she was fifteen-years-old and her aunt Barbara was dying. The family had already felt the impact of the death of her mother’s brother as well as two sisters and now another sister stood at death’s door. After an urgent phone call, Beth and her mother rushed to the hospital. As they stepped out of the elevator door, the announcement of a “Code Red” rang down the hall. Attendants rushed passed them but they were too late. Aunt Barbara was gone.

As they were leaving the hospital, Beth and her mother were standing at the street corner when Beth looked up. To her astonishment, she saw two massive white angels hovering above them. The angels stood on each side of Barbara.

Beth exclaimed, “Look, Mom! They’ve come to take Barbara home!”

Taller than the city street light, Beth could see the massive size of their waist, legs, and feet as they ascended vertical upward. As they disappeared out of sight, Beth knew her understanding of God’s loving care was forever changed. The comfort of an all comprehensive peace settled over them.

These early experiences caused Michael and Beth to anticipate divine interventions in their ministries. They were conditioned to expect far more than simply sharing theological answers and teaching the faith. Their ministries have encompassed a number of miraculous events.

While it would be jarring for many people to expect the Holy Spirit to take them to an entirely new realm of experience, the Owens would say that’s the best place to encounter the miraculous. Mike and Beth discovered an interesting axiom about the work of the Holy Spirit and divine intervention. When one receives a spiritual gift, it is important to use it. If not, the gift diminishes and can virtually disappear. On the other hand, the use of a gift often opens the door to the reception of other gifts. The same is true for miraculous encounters. The Holy Spirit works consistently in this way.

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