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September 16, 2019



Often, I hear from people who have experienced miracles or divine interventions. I look forward to receiving these accounts as they deepen our understanding of how these experiences occur. Could you be like that? If so, please share your story with me. Drop me a note at


Evil is a subject I stay away from. Over the decades I’ve certainly discovered the subtlety and pervasive ways that the Evil One works. No place is more vulnerable than a church. At the same time Evil works in government as well as individual lives. I do concede that we should know enough to avoid the diabolical. Like discovering that fire burns, you don’t stick your hand in the flames to find out if it’s hot. The best approach is simply to stay away.

On the other hand, periodically I run into stories that are important to emphasize the point that we need to be aware of the possibilities so we can stay away from these encounters. Devices like Ouija boards, or trying to contact demonic entities are highly dangerous. Joyce White recently shared her story with me. Joyce knew what I am talking about.

Joyce White had been around the church as a child and responded to the messages she heard. At the same time, she had a vulnerability. Her family remained highly dysfunctional with her parents constantly fighting. Her brother molested her. By the time she was sixteen-years-old, Joyce knew Sunday was always a bad day when her mother seemed to pick a fight that could get loud and frightening. Once more, the uproar started all over again.

Joyce was particularly distraught and didn’t know what to do. For some reason, she asked Satan, the devil, to come in and help her. She did not cry again for thirty-five years.

She eventually moved to the Washington Park area in Denver, Colorado. Joyce had always considered herself a Christian but began to realize this faith was not controlling her life. She felt drawn to destructive books with evil themes. Something else was working at the center of her being. Joyce had a roommate who got up early to study the Bible. This woman had a kind, spiritual presence and Joyce wanted to be like her. In contrast, Joyce felt like a wild animal was living inside of her. Could this negative, destructive force be deceiving her about her actual relationship with God?

Joyce had a confidential talk with her roommate. The woman suggested that Joyce should ask Jesus to come into her life and remove the darkness. Joyce could ask Jesus to be the center of her life and cast out any evil or any destructive force that was residing there. On Easter Sunday, Joyce did exactly that and was baptized. She prayed and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. Like a person walking out of a fog, a veil seemed to lift, and deception vanished. Joyce realized she really was a new person.

The point? We live in a period in history when society denies evil even exists. (People just make negative decisions.) Even though the news media gives us constant reports of how many people and children are killed at work and in schools, we don’t credit the blame to Evil. Sure, even with such a scary social scene, this is not a popular theme … but the reality exists. Evil really can enter a person’s life and deceptively seem not to even be there. Happens all the time.



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August 26, 2019

gas station


You might also want to look at the widely read blog WISE ON THE MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


The grief from death is one of our most difficult struggles to overcome.

Death leaves a hole that nothing can fill. When the deceased is close to us, grief seems to never end. When we wake up each day, we think maybe there is something that we should have done, but there never is. At times, we will forget that they are gone, and then we remember and our heart breaks all over again. Trying to tell someone what we are going through seems impossible, but to someone who has already known such a loss, resonance comes immediately.

Jack Jenkins knew exactly what I am talking about. Today, Jack lives in Bailey, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. He said to me, “God knows about our problems and he truly cares.” The emotional undercurrent in his words told me Jack knew.

Jack began telling me about his first wife. They had a good marriage and life seemed great. Her early death left him struggling and feeling the depth of depression. He had to struggle along with never-ending grief. The journey was difficult.

Somewhere as he was trudging along on his life’s path, Jack ran into an old girlfriend he had known in High School. They had been close and really liked and enjoyed each other. However, as so often is the case, they drifted apart after graduation and didn’t see other for years. They both married and had great families. But her husband also died. Then they found each other again. The reassurance and joy they received from each other was truly a new beginning. They married and once again Jack was back on an even keel. Depression had been put to bed.

Not long after they married, his new bride had to go to the doctor. The diagnosis overwhelmed both of them She had pancreatic cancer. Three weeks later she was gone.

Jack’s recovery and best hopes were destroyed. He plunged into the deepest despair. The grief would not go away. Jack crashed.

Some months later while Jack was taking a trip, he stopped in a filling station and went inside to buy some candy. At the end of a long hall, Jack saw a vending machine. The closer he got, the more he realized it was one of those dispensaries with junk that kids liked. However, there was nothing inside except one badge that had GOD written across the front. Jack was astonished and got the little medallion out. On the back was written, “Cast your cares on Him for he cares for you. Jesus died on the cross for your pain.”

Jack instantly knew that message was for him. God was reaching and asking Jack to cast his grief on Him. With tears rolling down his cheeks, Jack hurled his overwhelming load of grief at the foot of the Cross. He asked his heavenly Father to heal him.

He did.

Jack’s grief disappeared and the apprehension vanished. There was still a hole in his life where he had lost his two best friends, but the pain was gone. Jack was healed.

No one can escape the fact of death, but Jack’s experience is worth remembering. We are included in that promise that we are cared for.


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August 19, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog WISE ON THE MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


You will remember Kimberly McConnell from several weeks back. She had an MRI that demonstrated her pancreas was covered with tumors that could be cancerous. After healing prayer, she entered the hospital only to find the next MRI revealed the tumors were gone. Kimberly had a marvelous recovery.

But here’s the rest of the story.

I was gone for a week and out of contact with Kimberly. When I returned to Colorado, I checked in with her, expecting another positive report. Wrong. Kimberly was nearly beside herself. Instantly, I knew she was in deep despair. What in the world had gone wrong?

It turned out the medical profession had really messed her up. Kimberly had several doctors working with her and they didn’t all agree on how to proceed. One of them arbitrarily gave her steroids for some reason or the other. Kimberly’s psychiatrist hit the ceiling. Someone with a bi-polar condition should never, never be given steroids. Besides being a possibly dangerous drug for her, it threw her system into turmoil. The bi-polar condition returned with a vengeance. When I was talking to her on the phone, Kimberly was in the depths of depression with her instability turning her inside out. She couldn’t just drop the steroid medication but had to be weened away over a period of weeks. Her struggle would have to continue.

A number of years before, a medical condition had caused her to lose her teeth and she wore dentures. During this current emotional episode, Kimberly lost her false teeth. After looking everywhere, she called her mother to come and help. Kimberly had not been out of her apartment so the dentures had to be in there somewhere.

Her mother came over with a friend and they frantically searched every inch of the house. She had given Kim a large over-stuffed chair and they looked all over the chair as well as every other piece of furniture in the house. Finally, they concluded that during her bi-polar episode, she must have flushed the teeth down the toilet. The mother rushed out to spend $1,100 on a new set of dentures that wouldn’t be ready for three weeks.

Kimberly sank deeper into despair.

As we talked on the phone across a thousand miles, I ask Kimberly to pray with me. Even though we were at a great distance apart, I suggested she feel my hand on hers. I prayed that I could be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to fill Kimberly with new insight, knowledge, stability, and a sense of well-being. We prayed for a long time. Finally, Kimberly said she felt better and we hung up.

An hour later, I returned to my desk and noticed I had missed her phone call. Immediately, I responded worrying self-destructive behavior was a genuine possibility. I was astonished when Kimberly answered quite to the opposite. Her voice burst forth in enthusiasm.

“Robert! You won’t believe it! After we hung up, I went in and was sitting on the edge of the bathtub when a voice surged through my mind. I knew it wasn’t me or some sort of hallucination. The voice said, ‘Go turn the big chair upside down.”

“No one had done that,” Kimberly said. “We had searched it, but not turned it over. I immediately went into the living room and did so. My dentures fell out! I know God was with me and would take me through this time of getting off the steroids. He has kept his hand on me!”

An unexpected intervention, but marvelous indeed!

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August 12, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


Scripture is filled with stories of angels guiding people. For example, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and warned him to take the baby Jesus and Mary and flee to Egypt. Shortly thereafter, Herod ordered all the boy babies in Bethlehem killed. (Matthew 2:13-16) In the book of Acts, we find the story of Peter sleeping in jail when an angel appeared and light filled his cell. The angel took him passed the guards and out of the city. Peter thought he was seeing a vision. (Acts 12:6-11).

In contemporary times, a new interest has flourished in understanding angels and how they can help us. Some time ago, I described the ministry of Leslie Draper and her ministry with angels as she offers guidance to persons with needs. Judith McNutt has written books about her encounters with angels and the directions she received. Her books contain important insights.

Another blog I wrote several years ago related the experience of one of our friends. Barbara Yates is a member of the church my wife pastors. She awoke one night to find two very large figures standing by her bed. The angels gave her a message that offered reassurance and Barbara found new peace of mind.

A similar experience happened to a friend in Platte Canyon Community Church. Tom Ahl has been a member there for a number of years. He grew up in a Christian family and considered himself to be a Christian. However, he shared with me that he really didn’t live a Christian life. During this time, his brother was killed on Highway 285. Of course, this had a profound impact on his life.

One night shortly after this experience, he had an extremely vivid dream.

Against a deep, dark black ground, he saw four giant columns. In the center was a person dressed in black with an urn without any money. As Tom came closer, he realized the man was his brother. Tom was scared to death by what he was seeing.

Suddenly, a voice echoed through his dream and said, “You will be judged.”

When Tom awoke, he knew that he had been confronted with a divine intervention. The dream was more than a nightly revelry. His entire lifestyle had been called into question. Tom instantly knew that change was demanded. He had to make adjustments.

Tom gave up the way he had been living, He came back to the church and has lived what he knows is righteous ever since. Whether the figure was his brother or an angel, the appearance changed his entire life. He shared with me that he remains grateful for that dream experience.

When you’re sleeping … keep your eyes open.

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July 29, 2019

car crash


You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


In today’s world, miracles are certainly the unexpected. However, what they produce is also often unexpected. My encounters with people who experienced divine interventions is that they also discovered there is a side effect that is part of what changed their life. Only later and in retrospect do they realize that their heavenly Father was directing an even greater change in their life than they realized at the time they received a special touch of grace.

Joe Bickerman had such an experience.

Joe and a companion were zooming down the freeway and had just gone under and overpass when an explosion rocked the entire highway complex. The blast seemed to come from overhead. Because they had just passed under the heavy concrete roadway, Joe’s immediate thought was that a truck had run into the guardrail. An enormous greenish-orangish cloud began to settle over the entire highway system, making visibility impossible. A truck carrying liquid ammonia had burst into flames.

Suddenly, an enormous ripping noise filled the car. A tearing sound signaled that some piece of flying metal had cut off the back end of their vehicle. Fires started to spring up. The highway filled with debris. The destroyed vehicle finally slid to a screeching halt. The back end of their car was long gone.

Later when the highway patrol investigated the situation, Joe had to admit they were going 57 mph in a 55 mph lane. The officer explained that 2 mph difference saved their lives. If they had been going only 55 mph, they would have been killed. Two extra miles made all the difference.

You might argue that this wasn’t a miracle, but a chance of fate. Joe wouldn’t agree. He was convinced that the hand of God had saved him for some reason. Joe began analyzing his life. If God had saved him from disaster, it had to be for some purpose. What could that be?

As he was recovering, Joe became aware that a high percent of financial awards for damages given through the legal system were never collected. People sometimes ran; people just didn’t pay up. Often attorneys didn’t want to go through the struggle to make the prosecuted pay. As Joe became aware of the problem, he realized he knew how to help injured folks get the money owed them. He has spent the rest of his life holding seminars for lawyers and lay people as well as guiding the prospective recipients in receiving the funds owned them.

Grateful people believe Joe is a miracle.

Make sure you don’t walk away from an unexpected circumstance and assume it was all just chance. The consequences may prove to validate that God did intervene.

You might find my collection of near-death experiences to be helpful.
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July 22, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


Two things are predictable in Oklahoma in the summer. Football season is about to start and everyone’s attention is focused on which team is going to the top. And it’s hot! You can bet the temperature is headed for 1000. Newspapers run stories about frying an egg on the sidewalk.

High school senior Sam Tignor embraced both football and the heat out there on the practice field in Deer Creek, Oklahoma, on June 28. The weather people said it would be hot, but the heat index shot up and with a worse turn that day that took people by surprise. Out on the practice field getting in shape, Sam got the full intensity of the blazing sun.

With sweat rolling off his forehead, he staggered to the bench and tried to cover his face. Suddenly, he began to vomit. His eyes rolled back in his head. Sam began to convulse and went into seizures. Tumbling to the ground, he passed out.

His coach father Lance immediately recognized how serious the situation was. Sam had to get to the hospital at once. Loading the unconscious young man in the backseat of a pickup truck, they raced to a hospital which turned out to be the only one in the area equipped to deal with such a problem.

The emergency room raced into action. Sam was packed in a high-tech cooling vest. A breathing tube was placed in his throat. Doctors went to work, but soon came out with a grim prognosis. The next 24 to 72 hours were critical. Sam would be in a comma and could go either way. There was a strong possibility that Sam wouldn’t make it. Sam had suffered a heat stroke.

The physician immediately put him on the liver transplant list as his liver was failing with no hope of recovery. An enzyme count of 30-40 is normal, but Sam’s was over 8,000. If he did survive, Sam would need a transplant.

Sam’s grandfather was a minister with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The word went out in every direction calling on people to pray. His aunt Susan was in touch with groups that prayed. People were praying in Mexico and Africa. Intercessors in the Philippines and other states in America prayed for Sam. Visitors prayed by his bedside as well as total strangers across the world.

After a couple of days, one of the nurses said, “I’ve never heard the doctor use the word ‘miracle’ before. He is suddenly calling Sam “the miracle boy.” His mother Dusti had said earlier, “whether he makes it, or goes the other way, we are still believers.” Now the nurses and doctors were telling her, “You know this is a miracle? Right?”

The breathing tube is gone and his voice returning. Sam will be going home shortly. What happened? When people from all over the world prayed, their intercessions became like a giant power line sending life into Sam’s failing body. Life surged through Sam where previously there had been damage.

Does prayer work? Sam will certainly tell you it does. His recovery is a miracle that kicked the ball right over the goal post!



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July 15, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


Kimberly McConnell’s mother called to tell me that Kimberly was facing a frightening ordeal. Kimberly had struggled with drug addiction for decades in addition to being bipolar, a psychological problem. She had just taken an MRI test with a renowned surgeon who found tumors all over her pancreas. The possibility of cancerous growth was high. The surgeon wanted to remove her entire pancreas which would have left her a severe diabetic for the rest of her life. Kimberly was terrified. None of the options were good.

Kimberly’s mother wanted to know if I would talk and work with her daughter. Certainly.

When we began to talk, I realized Kimberly was paralyzed with fear. She felt a vise clamped around her chest squeezing the life out of her. Dread contaminated her rationality. So, we began to work on her anxiety by separating her emotions and her thinking. I discovered her principal concern was a fear of dying. We began exploring I John 5:11. “This is the record that God has given us eternal life…” The goal was to make this promise more than an idea or a belief, but a reality in Kimberly’s life.

She understood.

Kimberly quickly began to allow her thinking to take charge of her feelings. She began to see she could face the next medical tests and biopsies because she had eternal life regardless of what the results said. New stability had come into her life.

The next hurdle was realistically facing her tumors or possible cancerous cells. Long ago, I learned a spiritual exercise of “breathing in” the Holy Spirit. Just like taking a breath, we ask the Holy Spirit to enter us like breathing in air, to move through our body, through our blood vessels, flowing to the exact point of our need. Kimberly began praying in this manner, calling on the Spirit of God to surge through her body and to touch the tumors.

When Tuesday came, Kimberly went to the hospital without fear or dread. She could accept whatever happened … regardless. Her life was now squarely in the hands of God. Kimberly had found a peace that transcended every need. As Philippians 4:4 directs, her thinking was fixed on whatever was good, pure, right, lovely. The peace of God was with her.

The staff put her to sleep to avoid the pain of multiple biopsies. Kimberly went to sleep without fear. The doctor who had first observed the tumors was doing the tests. When she awoke, Kimberly was surprised because there was no pain in her abdomen. In fact, she couldn’t feel where the needles should have punctured her.

“Doctor!” she said. “What happened?”

The doctor had a grin and shook his head. “I saw those tumors for myself when you first came in weeks ago. But I didn’t do the biopsies today because we couldn’t find any tumors. The tumors on your pancreas are gone, simply gone.”

No one was ever more excited than Kimberly. She would not have to face all the possible complications and struggles she had anticipated. Miraculously the tumors had vanished.

What had occurred? As Philippians 4:9 promised that the God of peace would be with her. A miracle indeed!



Blog 124
July 8, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where Wise has traveled and worked. In an unbiased and politically neutral manner, he reports an objective view of what’s happening.


You would find Jeff Brodsky fascinating. He doesn’t wear shoes and goes barefoot everywhere! That’s Jeff’s way of identifying with children he is trying to help. Jeff’s ministry is called Joy International and his mission is to rescue children who are being held in captivity as sexual slaves. He goes all over the world seeking out areas where human trafficking has snatched children and teens from their families, subjecting them to a life of absolute torture.

To date, Jeff Brodsky has assisted a multitude of young slaves find freedom.

I met him at Platte Canyon Community Church in Bailey, Colorado where he is a member. The Brodsky’s live in the Friendship Ranch in nearby Deer Creek Canyon. Recently, the Brodsky’s were on their way to a fund-raising event when a torrent of rain broke out. This summer the mountains have had an extortionary amount of rain storms and this day was the same. The rain came pouring down and would probably drown out their event. The sky had become dark purple with the sun disappearing behind the imposing clouds overhead.

As they rode along, the Brodsky’s reflected on the fact that their heavenly Father created the heavens and the earth. Certainly, God was the final word in what happened in the weather. Why couldn’t they pray for a break in the storm? Wasn’t it possible to ask Him to clear up the dreary situation?

There are stories in the Old Testament of prophets calling for a drought to punish wicked rulers and rain stopped for years. Elijah called for all dew and rain to halt. (I Kings 17:1) When the prophet Elijah prayed again after he had performed the work of the Lord, the rains came. (I Kings 18 41- 45) In the plagues that fell on Egypt, Moses seemed to have control over nature. (Exodus 5) Was that still possible?

The Brodsky’s called out for the Lord to open the sky. Immediately, the clouds parted and the sun came shining through. They were astonished! God had almost instantly responded to the prayer. The rain ended

Can such be? It obviously was!

Most people will find such stories unbelievable. They would never pray for such a thing…. And that’s probably why they don’t see it happen. They don’t take dominion as the book of Geneses suggests they should. Jeff Brodsky did. Divine intervention followed.

It’s worth thinking about.