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August  2, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Church with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


Sherre Ishmael had been deeply wounded by someone she loved. The pain had cut to her soul. Consequently, she came to a Service of the Healing Christ carrying that burden. This particular type of worship offered the reconciling work of the Holy Spirit and people came for many different needs. On this particular night, Sherre was struggling to restore the vessel of love that had been broken inside her.

To compound her problem, Sherre had always been a pragmatic person who approached situations in a logical manner. At times, she had felt the need to develop a greater ability to love people but let it pass. On this particular evening, she came forward wanting to experience the love of Christ in a new depth, hoping to be enabled to share His love with others.

A team of three intercessors were waiting as Sherre knelt in front of them. They laid hands on her and began to pray for a new gift of love to be given. The experience became electrifying.  Sherre began to realize that Jesus the Christ was pouring his love into her. Far from a sentimental emotion, she was discovering a practical, sacrificial kind of caring.  A desire to help others bubbled up inside her.

As that realization grew, in a new way, Sherre accepted the fact that Jesus Christ really did love her personally in a way she had failed to recognize. She discovered that he was calling her to a wholeness. Sherre realized she didn’t need to be perfect or exceptional, just available and obedient to what the Holy Spirit was calling her to do for others. Sherre knew God would be continuing to work in her life and He did!

Shortly, after this prayer experience, Sherre discovered that her arthritis had disappeared. A spin-off of more love in her life was a physical change that was also liberating.

Many times, we don’t think about the love of God being poured into our lives. We live in a highly competive world where the prime objective is to exceed others. From childhood, many of us have received injuries that keep us from caring about other or wanting to be helpful to others. The idea to suddenly be empowered with a greater depth of caring has never crossed our mind. Possibly it’s time to reconsider what our most basic need really is.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “Eagerly desire the greater gifts. I will show you the most excellent way….these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. (I Corinthians 12:31- 13:13) The love Paul was describing is a gift that only God gives. Could you seek a greater healing than to receive this gift?”

Don’t be hesitant to reach out.

Remember: Expect the Unexpected.

Also, I’d love to hear your story if you’ve experienced a divine intervention.

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Let the miracles begin!


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August 5, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


The scripture reminds us to “not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels unaware.” (Hebrews 13:2) Here’s an example.

You may know Stephanie Booshada from her records and public appearances. With a signature voice and song writing talent, Stephanie had appeared all over the country. Her songs have been recorded by many artists.

On a cold January day, Stephanie hurried out of the pharmacy where she had just picked up a prescription. At 4:00 in the afternoon, the cold wind was blowing snow. She started across the walkway when a young man’s car hit her, sending Stephanie flying across the pavement. (He claimed he didn’t see her although she was in the protected lane.)

Probably going around 20 mph, the impact could easily have killed Stephanie much less what the concrete would do to anyone. She was knocked out of her shoes and landed at least four car lengths away. Stephanie can remember hearing herself making a sound like a mute scream. Only later did she gain insight into why her crash into the pavement did not kill her.

Stephanie’s memory blurred. Snowflakes took on a strange color. Slowly, she recognized that fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, were surrounding her. She saw people standing on the sidewalk staring at her, but nobody moved. They seemed to be watching with indifference. Stephanie couldn’t quite grasp what was happening.

Abruptly, she discovered a man was bending over to help her. Stephanie stared. He was the most beautiful black man she had ever seen. Around 30 to 35 in appearance, his eyes were a light green color like an avocado. They were mysterious, soothing, eves that seemed to look right through Stephanie. When he spoke, the man’s voice was soft, gentle, and yet penetrating, like he knew all about her. He seemed to radiate kindness.

Stephanie felt completely baffled. Never had she seen anyone like this person with the light green eyes. One thought ran through her mind. Stephanie looked up at him and asked, “Do you know Jesus?”

He said, “I know Jesus very well.” He smiled with a grin that seemed to carry an agenda, a purpose.

“Thank you so much,” Stephanie said. “You are so kind.”

“I’m here to help you.”

At that moment, Stephanie knew she was going to be okay. She realized that her purse had gone somewhere when she was hit. “Just a moment,” she said. “I’ve got to find my purse.”

A person in the crowd had picked it up and gave the handbag to Stephanie. When she turned around the man was gone. He had melted into the surroundings and disappeared. At that moment, she realized he was an angel. He must have caught her when the car hit her and kept her from being smashed by the impact. The man with the strange eyes had literally saved her life.

An angel unaware? You bet!

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Blog 97 October 22, 2018 ~ MIRACLES NEVER CEASE


Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

In 2007, I wrote Crossing the Threshold of Eternity, about near death experiences. I found a large number of persons with such experiences. Even though they were pronounced medically dead for some limited period of time, they recovered. Their stories were fascinating.

At the time, I didn’t think of these stories as divine interventions, but in retrospect I realized they certainly were. While reading The Oklahoman daily newspaper, I found the story of Don Houston’s near-death ordeal. Don told me what happened.

Members of Faith Church, an Assembly of God congregation, Don had been general manager of a house building company that manufactured modular units. Congestive heart failure ran in his family, taking his father at 58 and his brother at 56. Don is in the 2% who survive this condition.

Because bronchitis caused Don to snore, Rita often slept in another room, but on this night she didn’t. In the middle of the night, she heard a “death rattle” and panicked. When she rolled Don over, there was no movement and nothing would wake him up. His tongue began to hang out. Rita called 911 for an ambulance as well as receiving instructions on performing CPR.

The ambulance attendants stuck needles in Don’s feet and received no response. He simply laid there not breathing. By the time he got to the hospital, the only things keeping him alive were machines. The doctors gave Rita no hope that he would regain consciousness and felt he wouldn’t make it. The best she could hope for was a nursing home.

Rita went into his secluded room and prayed. With Don’s two daughters, she made a prayer circle around the bed and began to pray fervently. “Jesus help us.”

And what was happening with Don?

Don became aware and looked around. He was in a totally white room with no windows and two distinct doors. The voice of God said, “Don, you had a heart attack.” The room suddenly lit up and arch-shaped widows appeared. Don saw figures walking by. The all had the same features, and the same colored hair. Each wore a white robe and Don thought they might look like Jewish people (though he really hadn’t been around Jews). He realized they were angels. Don felt totally peaceful with no worries.

Finally, one of the angels said, “Come with me.”  The angel escorted him through what Don calls “the door of second chances.” Suddenly, he was back in his body.

His daughter had been holding his hand and felt a squeeze. The doctor thought the tug was only a reflex and took Don’s hand. Abruptly there was another squeeze. The doctor nearly fainted. He rushed out and brought in other doctors to observe Don.

Rita stared. Don’s eyes had always been a greenish brown. Now, they were the prettiest bright blue eyes, she had ever seen.

Today Don tells everyone that there is life after death. He says, “I do know for a fact. You’re not alone. You need to get God in your heart because you never know when you’re going to pass.”

Can we call the results a miracle? Even a skeptic has to throw in the towel on such a phenomenon. For all practical purposes, Don was dead and the medical profession did not expect a recovery. However we define life, Don Houston came back because he was filled with renewed life that only heaven can give.

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BLOG 59 October 23, 2015 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE! Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.


I’ve known Karen and her family for a number of years. David and Karen have two great children Shawnah  and Adam who live in the glorious mountains in Pine Junction, Colorado, not far from Denver. Karen’s father was one of the few survivors of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration Camp during World War II. His experience is another important story for another day.

Because the Christian community knows so little about the Jewish world, believers often assume that Jews know nothing about divine interventions – even thought the Old Testament is packed with such stories. Karen is an example of how heaven still meets earth in her Jewish home.

At seven years of age, Karen had a dream that was repeated for years. Her mother was a highly insensitive person and in the dream opened a door that led to burning lava. Finally, Karen came to a door that opened out on to a corridor leading on an airplane runway. A voice said, “Get on.” Suddenly a beautiful white Pegasus horse landed and Karen climbed on and flew away from her dysfunctional family.

As she matured, Karen came to recognize that the voice was from an angel and the Pegasus horse was an angel. These dreams were the beginning of a continuing sense of guidance and divine contact. Later, a sense of direction developed from verbal messages she heard like ideas racing across her mind.

Thoughts would suddenly appear like “take the umbrella today” or “don’t wear those shoes.” In time, Karen realized she had a guardian angel who protected her. Sometimes, the angel would whisper a message. If she didn’t respond rapidly, repetition occurred that became increasingly louder. Karen often puts her hands up to let the angel knows she was paying attention.

Some years ago as Karen pulled into a synagogue, a strong angelic voice told her where to park. She argued that she could find a better place, but the angel persisted. Consequently, Karen took the appointed place whether she liked it or not. After the synagogue service, she met David for the first time. He helped her with her coat and walked her to her car. To her astonishment, Karen she was parked next to him!

The angelic directive resulted in Shawnah and Adam, living happy ever after today.

I believe everyone has a “guardian angel” who can make all the difference in our lives. Karen would suggest that we should pay attention to our dreams and random thoughts. We might just be at the right place to tune in for divine intervention.


BLOG 54 September 11, 2017 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE! Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.


            We have been exploring the ministry of one of the most interesting persons that I have ever met. Agnes Sanford’s extraordinary gifts of grace and ministry blessed me personally as well as challenged my thinking about divine intervention. Having been born to a missionary family in China, Agnes grew up with a sensitivity to suffering and need.

The first time I came to Agnes’s home in Monrovia, California, Edith Drury opened the door and ushered me in. Edith believed she had been called of God to shepherd Agnes in her later years after Ted died. She could be a fierce soul to get passed if she didn’t like you. Fortunately, Edith and I got along well.

She ushered me into the living room where Agnes sat reading a book.

“Hello,” I said. “Thank you for taking time to talk with me.”

“Oh, Robert! Do come in and sit down.”

“I wanted to talk with you about your work with healing prayer. I’m concerned to know more about praying for sick people.”

“Excellent,’” Agnes repeated. “We can certainly talk about that subject.”

We conversed easily and she rambled awhile about her life. Her pastor at the local Episcopal Church was Morton Kelsey who was to become internationally known for his writing. At that moment, little did I realize that I would in time become Morton’s bishop. We were simply talking, sharing our journeys, and eating sweet rolls.

After talking for awhile, Agnes walked out on the veranda. Monrovia is set in the foothills above Los Angeles and her house was on a steep mountainside. Standing with a piece of bread in her hand, she seemed oblivious when a bird flew down and landed on her wrist. The bird pecked off a piece of bread and then flew off. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I thought I saw a bird land on you,” I said.

“Oh yes,” she said casually. “They do that you know. I’ve never seen that bird before.”

That experience was my introduction to the unusual relationship Agnes had with nature. Dogs, birds, snakes, animals loved her and she developed an extraordinary capacity to pray for the earth and wind.

When Agnes came back inside, she sensed I had a need. I had been adopted as a child and had developed a number of problems that came from trying to fit into the world I grew up in. Agnes understood this and suggested we pray about the struggle. She told me to close my eyes and envision myself as a child at a time when I might have had difficulties.

Next week, I will tell you how she profoundly touched my life.

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BLOG 40 May 15, 2017 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

When Leslie began hearing angels, the idea complicated her sense of stability. Consequently, she went to psychologist Dr. Jonathon Cargill to make sure she was not off the track. After a battery of psychological tests, the psychologist certified her as balanced and normal. The same results were later affirmed. There was nothing wrong with Leslie.

The ministry began to unfold because she wanted to comfort the afflicted. With unusual sensitivity, Leslie helps strugglers find direction and support. She is keenly aware that the ministry is never about her.

Her ministry is fundamentally the restoration of damaged souls. Leslie’s goal is to bring wholeness to anyone in need. Leslie’s ministry is not divination or some form of predicting the future. She understands herself to be operating in a biblical framework as the book of Acts describes (Acts 2:17-18). Leslie believes her primary gift is obedience. The unusual ministry flows from fidelity. Her encounters with angels is an expression of the gifts of the Spirit.    Leslie believes that everyone has a guardian angel. Through prayer and meditation, her experience has been that anyone can get in touch with this resource. She believes we will discover that they have already been at work within us as the still, small voice offering guidance. When a message abruptly floats through our minds and we have no idea where it came from, she believes our guardian angel might be offering guidance.

Such an experience occurred when the Draper family lived in Glen Rose, Texas. She hurried out the door to pick up her daughter at school. As she was backing out of the driveway with her three-year-old daughter in the back seat, she saw money in the driveway and believed it had fallen out of her purse. At that moment an angel showed her a disturbing image of her falling out of the car to pick up the cash. She put the car in park and collected the money, thinking about how little money they had. After she got back in, Leslie saw other money on the grass and opened the door to lean down and get it. The car started to roll.

The inside panel gave way and she tumbled out, falling under the car. What followed only took seconds, but felt like an eternity. Leslie was abruptly upright in the car seat with no idea how she got there. For a moment, she thought maybe she was dead and was in shock. Two hands had grabbed her and put her back in the car. Leslie felt the imprints on her arms and looked for the stranger that saved her. No one was there. Suddenly, she remembered the warning and felt the angel Michael warned her to be careful.

In retrospect, she discovered that angels have the capacity to intervene but do so only if it is for the highest good and honors free will. They never interfere with free will and only offer guidance.