Blog 142
December 16, 2019


Often, I hear from people who have experienced miracles or divine interventions. I look forward to receiving these accounts as they deepen our understanding of how these experiences occur. Could you be like that? If so, please share your story with me. Contact me at


During the past three years as I have collected stories of miracles and divine interventions, I have also run into accounts that defy the everyday logic most people live with. Often, I have not reported some of these “happenings” so as not to sound weird and far out. Nevertheless, I have been fascinated by people’s experiences that run counter-current to the usual expectation.

My conclusion has been that everyday honest, good people encounter discoveries that just don’t fit with anything they could have expected. These discoveries cannot be explained … but they remain true.

Here’s an example.

Recently, I was talking with Jean Stenke. Jean is a good, God-fearing woman who has had more than her share of tragedies. Still, she pressed on even during days when she went to bed every night crying because of one of these catastrophes. Nevertheless, her difficult struggles only made her a stronger person.

During this period in Jean’s life, she needed to take a trip to California. A friend loaned her his pickup and she started her journey from Stillwater, Oklahoma to California. Jean zoomed down the highway with no difficulties. And then she hit the fog!

Having lived in Laguna Beach, California, I know how the fog can blow in from the ocean and drown everything in a cloud. Almost instantly, the wave of impenetrable whiteness can shut everything out. I’ve watched cars crash into each other in such a covering.

Jean found herself suddenly in such thickness that she couldn’t even see the hood of the truck. The best she could do was to watch for the white line on the highway to keep the truck on track. Jean was afraid to stop lest someone come crashing into her from behind. And yet, how could she go forward? All she was certain of was that a deep ravine had been on the right side of the pickup and she didn’t want to fall into the pit. She had to keep going forward, but how could she do so? At any moment, Jean might drop off the edge of the highway!

Jean cried out, “Lord, you have to help me. I can’t see a thing!” Abruptly, she felt a presence with her in the cab of the truck. She prayed again. “Lord, you have to help me drive. I can’t!”

With her foot on the gas pedal, she dropped her hand into her lap. Without touching the steering wheel, she roared forward. Jean had no choice, but to keep going straight ahead least she get rear-ended. Suddenly the fog disappeared and she drove straight into a clear day. Jean grabbed the steering wheel and drove out of danger.

What happened? Jean is convinced that an angel guided her and the pickup through that perilous situation. She believes her guardian angel made all the difference.

Fascinating? I guess so!

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BLOG 63 November 27, 2017 


MIRACLES NEVER CEASE: Robert L. Wise has interviewed people in many states about their experiences with divine encounters. Recognizing the secular Preoccupation of many, Wise presents the evidence of miracles as he discovered them. Take a good look and see what you think

As I wander around the countryside picking up experiences of divine intervention, I often ran into people who had encounters with angels – which is certainly miraculous. Recently, I ran into a story from Lynn Valentine about an encounter that happened to Sarah Loutner in Springfield, Tennessee. Today, Sarah Loutner is a dancer and performs routines with a Christian message. At the time, Sarah was only a small child.

The Loutner family lived in an old two-story farm house. Like any older house that had been built years before, the staircase was steep. As was the custom in by-gone days, the stairs angled up partway to a landing, then turned 90 degrees before going up the rest of the way to the top. Sarah had a special place upstairs where she played with her toys. On this afternoon, she tired of playing with the dolls and wondered what her mother might be doing. Probably, she was down in the kitchen where cookies might be waiting. Sarah pushed the playthings aside and hurried toward the steps.

Pre-occupied in thinking about where her mother might be, Sarah didn’t pay attention to the abruptly sloping stairs. Her feet got tangled up, and Sarah fell head first down the plunging steps.

Like a scene in a slow-motion movie, Sarah discovered a figure standing on the landing. The man towered above the steps. Big and powerful, he appeared to be surrounded by a shimmering glow. The light swirled around him and Sarah immediately felt reassurance that she didn’t have to be afraid.

To her total surprise, Sarah realized that she was not falling, but seemed to be floating toward the unknown figure on the landing.  Unseen hands carried her downward until finally her feet landed gently on the floor. She knew that an angel had intervened to save her.

When she looked up, the angel was gone. Sarah ran to tell her mother what had happened. She listened, but Sarah distinctly felt she didn’t believe her. Years later, when Sarah, her brother Aaron, and her mother got off on the subject of angels, Sarah recounted the experience. This time her mother was convinced a guardian angel had indeed intervened, but wasn’t sure why an angel would have secured her.

Sarah’s brother Aaron immediately added, “You’re a dancer! You were caught so you could dance for God.”

Just thinking about her brother’s response, makes Sarah want to dance today.


BLOG 59 October 23, 2015 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE! Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.


I’ve known Karen and her family for a number of years. David and Karen have two great children Shawnah  and Adam who live in the glorious mountains in Pine Junction, Colorado, not far from Denver. Karen’s father was one of the few survivors of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration Camp during World War II. His experience is another important story for another day.

Because the Christian community knows so little about the Jewish world, believers often assume that Jews know nothing about divine interventions – even thought the Old Testament is packed with such stories. Karen is an example of how heaven still meets earth in her Jewish home.

At seven years of age, Karen had a dream that was repeated for years. Her mother was a highly insensitive person and in the dream opened a door that led to burning lava. Finally, Karen came to a door that opened out on to a corridor leading on an airplane runway. A voice said, “Get on.” Suddenly a beautiful white Pegasus horse landed and Karen climbed on and flew away from her dysfunctional family.

As she matured, Karen came to recognize that the voice was from an angel and the Pegasus horse was an angel. These dreams were the beginning of a continuing sense of guidance and divine contact. Later, a sense of direction developed from verbal messages she heard like ideas racing across her mind.

Thoughts would suddenly appear like “take the umbrella today” or “don’t wear those shoes.” In time, Karen realized she had a guardian angel who protected her. Sometimes, the angel would whisper a message. If she didn’t respond rapidly, repetition occurred that became increasingly louder. Karen often puts her hands up to let the angel knows she was paying attention.

Some years ago as Karen pulled into a synagogue, a strong angelic voice told her where to park. She argued that she could find a better place, but the angel persisted. Consequently, Karen took the appointed place whether she liked it or not. After the synagogue service, she met David for the first time. He helped her with her coat and walked her to her car. To her astonishment, Karen she was parked next to him!

The angelic directive resulted in Shawnah and Adam, living happy ever after today.

I believe everyone has a “guardian angel” who can make all the difference in our lives. Karen would suggest that we should pay attention to our dreams and random thoughts. We might just be at the right place to tune in for divine intervention.