BLOG 175

November 9, 2020


Robert Wise has interviewed people in many states about their experiences with divine encounters. Because of the virus, he’s been unable to interview people. So, we’ve presented Summer Reruns. Now it’s Fall, but this week he had a discovery just received; he knew you’d want to read.     


Here’s an experience worth thinking about.

Robin Naylor gave birth to a baby with a serious chromosomal defect. The baby was immediately sent to another hospital for treatment.  After all the complications, the husband felt the need to go home to recuperate, leaving Robin in the hospital room by herself. She needed the time alone to sort out her own feelings. What did this problem mean for the baby’s future?  How could she handle the complications? The Naylor family was faced with serious issues. Robin Naylor wasn’t sure she could endure.

The next morning a cheerful nurse came in and introduced herself as Jan.  She related that she understood the struggle Robin was facing. Jan said she had a child with a similar defect and understood the tensions Robin felt. Robin could talk with her honestly because Jan knew her feelings and distress. 

As they talked, Robin could see the nurse lived a normal life in spite of the tragedy that had befallen her. The more the conversation continued, Robin began to recover her sense of sufficiency  A new sense of strength returned and Robin became more certain that she could live with the situation.

Finally, the baby was transferred back to the same hospital. As Robin prepareped to leave, she looked for Jan to share how profoundly her words had helped. She couldn’t be found and Robin went home with her baby.

Later Robin returned to the hospital to find Jan and thank her for the support, but again she couldn’t be found. Robin went to the nurse’s station and asked when Jan would be back on call so she could speak to her. The nurse on duty said no one by that name had ever worked on the floor.  Robin quickly described the nurse, but no one fit her description. Robin left perplexed.

As time went by, she couldn’t dismiss wanting to thank Jan. On a return to the hospital, Robin ask to see her records of the period she was there.  On the day of her conversation with Jan, the chart was marked with initial “J.S” even though no one with that name or initials were on the nurse’s roster.

Her conclusion? An angel had dropped by to encourage her in facing the difficult task that lay ahead. What can we say?  The book of Hebrews told us, “Do not forget to entertain strangers for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. “

Keep your spiritual eyes open and take a second look at who knocks on your door.

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