Blog 175

 November 16,  2020


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Church with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced divine interventions.


Recently, I was talking about the power of prayer and a pastor friend corrected me. He suggested that I was talking like prayer was a good luck charm, a talisman of some sort. He wanted me to remember that the results of praying were the work of the hand of God. Prayer is only an access to that divine intervention.  God is not a rabbit’s foot. He really had a point.  Often, we lose sight of what divine intervention is all about.  We don’t make something happen just because we prayed, but our praying does open a door that invites the hand of God to come in.

As we have said a number of times, free will remains a key factor in approaching our heavenly Father. We have been given a great gift. We have the capacity to accept or reject the work of God in our lives. Effective prayer is opening our lives to his intervention.  That’s using free will in the most constructive way.

Douglas Connelly in his book Angels Around Us, has an example of intercession making all the difference by focusing the power of God on human need. A member of his congregation, Carol Sintay was diagnosed with a tumor on her ovary. As her doctor worked with her, he could see that the cancer had spread and affected her colon and possibly other internal organs. Another surgeon performed ultrasound projection as well as x-ray, confirmed the diagnosis. Carol Sintray was in trouble.

The problem could not have come at a worse time.  In her Master’s degree program, Carol was halfway through the semester.  She protested that her research and master’s dissertation would be disrupted by such a serious surgery. The doctor’s understood but felt her life was in danger. The surgery could not wait.

The Elder’s of the church gathered around her. She was anointed with oil and they prayed fervently for her condition. The pastor and friends joined in the prayer. While it certainly wasn’t what she wanted, Carol left her life in the hands of God.

When the procedure began a few days later, the doctors were shocked.  They found nothing that was abnormal.

Confounded, one of the doctors asked Carol. “Why didn’t you tell us that you were anointed? If we’d known, we’d done the tests over.” Carol only smiled. She had received a miracle.

Does prayer work? Most certainly when we remember it is opening a door and we are inventing the Holy Spirit to work. Prayer is a connection that brings change.

We have been calling on America to pray for the spiritual condition of this country. This is a serious hour for this nation Please read II Chronicles 7:14 and then join us in a daily prayer for the next year.

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