BLOG 174

November 2, 2020


Robert Wise has interviewed people in many states about their experiences with divine encounters. Because of the virus, he’s been unable to interview people. So, we’ve presented Summer Reruns. Now it’s Fall, but this week he had a discovery just received; he knew you’d want to read.                      


I grew up as a boy in Deer Creek Valley in the Colorado mountains. Along the way, the people of Bailey started a church and my parents insisted I go.  Years later, I returned and discovered the “little gathering” had become a large church. In turn, I became close friends with the pastor  Rev. Larry Kalb.

Last July, Larry shared his PSA test had been off the scale. The 1,100 result was beyond relief.  A normal PSA is around 4. Never had I heard of such a score. With tears in his eyes, Larry told me he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer affecting his abdomen and bones. I was shocked and terrified as I had sat by the bedside with men dying with similar struggles. Larry ask me to preach for him on Sunday because he did not feel well.

 I knew prayer could bring a touch of the hand of God. I called on a prayer chain to begin making intercession immediately. If anyone needed a touch from the hand of God, it was this man.

As the month progressed, I became increasingly concerned. Having held healing seminars across America, in Europe, and Taiwan., I knew what was possible. One morning, I felt moved to come down the mountain and see Larry in his office. As we talked, I urged him to openly receive the possibility of healing prayer. Larry suddenly jumped out of the chair and urged me to pray for him. He had asked the elders of the church to anoint him and pray over his illness. That morning, as I prayed with my hands on his head, I felt a powerful surge of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment descending. Larry didn’t particularly feel any sensation, but was moved by the experience. I left and continued to pray.

Three weeks later, we had lunch. I noticed he was not emotional and normally cogent.  I knew he had been to the doctor that week. “How’s your PSA score,” I ask.

“It dropped to 29,” Larry said.

I nearly fell out of the booth. “I’m staggered!” I said. Larry shared how good he felt.

Just before I returned to my Oklahoma home, we had lunch togther again. This time he reported a drop to 19. Going from off the charts, he had dropped to a figure not so far from normal. I thanked God

 This Saturday morning, I called Larry to check on how he was doing. “What’s the score now?”

“Four,” he said.  “Normal. “They  did an MRI and my bones are normal. No cancer.”

Does prayer work? Does the hand of God still reach out and touch people? Rev. Larry Kalb is a living example.

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