Blog 202

June 21, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


When Janet Wagner awoke in the middle of the night, she had a head-splitting headache. Janet never had headaches and knew something must be wrong. Abruptly she started to vomit.  For the first time in her life, Janet felt like the top of her head would explode. Janet knew she was in trouble.

The next morning Janet was suppose to be a Bible Study Fellowship teacher, but she knew she could not make it. When she called the supervisor, Janet discovered the woman was a nurse who told her to immediately see the doctor. No telling what the problem might be.

The doctors immediately ordered an x-ray. The tests came back quickly. Three trouble spots on her brain looked suspicious. They had to be tumors and cancer was a real possibility. The internal medicine doctor sent her to a neurologist who quickly called for an MRI. The noise and the tight space of the machine left Janet feeling terrified.

Originally from Ann Arbor, Janet had lived in Denver, Colorado for years. She was raised a Methodist, but attended a Roman Catholic Girl’s prep school. When she grew up, Janet became a successful banker. A quite capable person, Janet Wagner wasn’t easily frightened. She was now.

To confirm his suspicions, the neurologist ordered a biopsy. The medical ateam would drill three holes in her skull to access what looked like tumors at the least. Janet was rightly terrified. Her friends gathered around her bed and prayed.

At 4:00 in the morning, she felt weight settling on her bed like someone sitting down. Instinctively she said, “Lord, is that you?” The voice said, “Yes.” Janet said, “I am really scared.”

“I know and I am with you to the end of time. You won’t have to have the biopsy.” Janet stammered, “Are you sure?” The voice answered, “Yes,” and was gone.

When the doctor walked in, he told Janet that he had changed his mind. An uncertainty had surfaced. They would wait and see what developed. Janet was sent home with some steroids.

Thirty days later, she returned for another MRI. This time they shot dye in her arm and the procedure  seemed to last forever but at least an hour and a half. Janet felt like she was in a coffin and began to be really afraid once more. Already knowing how to pray, she called out for spiritual help. When she looked up, Janet saw a figure standing by the machine. With brown hair to the shoulders and piercing eyes, she knew the person was Jesus. He said, “I am with you. Be not afraid.” And then he was gone.

The x-ray technician had been certain there would be a tumor or evidence of a stroke. He kept ex-raying. Nothing. The three tumors had simply disappeared. The doctor finally came in and said, “You’ve had a miracle! This just doesn’t happen.”

Janet still had the x-rays and showed them to me. I’m certainly no radiologists, but I could see clearly the before and after. The spots were gone;

Janet Wagner did have a miracle!

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Let the miracles begin!


Blog 199

May 30, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


I’ve known Dee Dee Bailey since she was a high school student. As an adult with two children, she developed serious kidney stone problems and had to be hospitalized. The condition continued to worsen. Unfortunately, her doctor had gone out of town over the weekend and left oversight to another doctor. The alternate doctor forgot.

On Sunday morning her problem exploded. Dee Dee went into a coma. The negligent doctor rushed in, terrified she was slipping away. Somewhere in her emotional fog, Dee Dee could hear the nurse yelling, “We’re losing her!”

At that moment, Dee Dee seemed to leave her body and was floating up to the ceiling where she could look down on what was happening as the doctor frantically worked over her. Dee Dee became aware of two huge angels standing on each side. Without saying a word, they whisked her away. Like flying through a dark tunnel, she began to recognize a light shining ahead. As she glided along, she heard magnificent music with a sound like nothing she had ever heard before. Abruptly, Dee Dee landed in a very serene place and felt overwhelming peace. Standing in front of her was Jesus Christ.

She rushed forward and hugged this magnificent figure. Even though she had two little girls waiting at home, Dee Dee was ready to stay there forever. The Christ told her she had an unfulfilled life with her children and a work yet to do. She must go back.

At that moment, Dee Dee went flying backward and was once again on the ceiling of her hospital room watching the doctor and nurse working frantically over her. Suddenly she descended into her body. The nurse screamed, “She’s coming back! Thank God! She’s coming back!”

I had not seen Dee Dee in several years when we discussed this experience. I knew she had moved to Norman where the University of Oklahoma is located. Her recovery had gone well and her two girls were doing fine. I asked her what she was doing.

“I’m teaching a class of college students about healing ministry and staying in touch with God’s plan for their lives. I’m helping them learn to pray.”      

By the way, I’d love to hear your story if you’ve experienced a divine intervention.

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Let the miracles begin!


BLOG 174

November 2, 2020


Robert Wise has interviewed people in many states about their experiences with divine encounters. Because of the virus, he’s been unable to interview people. So, we’ve presented Summer Reruns. Now it’s Fall, but this week he had a discovery just received; he knew you’d want to read.                      


I grew up as a boy in Deer Creek Valley in the Colorado mountains. Along the way, the people of Bailey started a church and my parents insisted I go.  Years later, I returned and discovered the “little gathering” had become a large church. In turn, I became close friends with the pastor  Rev. Larry Kalb.

Last July, Larry shared his PSA test had been off the scale. The 1,100 result was beyond relief.  A normal PSA is around 4. Never had I heard of such a score. With tears in his eyes, Larry told me he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer affecting his abdomen and bones. I was shocked and terrified as I had sat by the bedside with men dying with similar struggles. Larry ask me to preach for him on Sunday because he did not feel well.

 I knew prayer could bring a touch of the hand of God. I called on a prayer chain to begin making intercession immediately. If anyone needed a touch from the hand of God, it was this man.

As the month progressed, I became increasingly concerned. Having held healing seminars across America, in Europe, and Taiwan., I knew what was possible. One morning, I felt moved to come down the mountain and see Larry in his office. As we talked, I urged him to openly receive the possibility of healing prayer. Larry suddenly jumped out of the chair and urged me to pray for him. He had asked the elders of the church to anoint him and pray over his illness. That morning, as I prayed with my hands on his head, I felt a powerful surge of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment descending. Larry didn’t particularly feel any sensation, but was moved by the experience. I left and continued to pray.

Three weeks later, we had lunch. I noticed he was not emotional and normally cogent.  I knew he had been to the doctor that week. “How’s your PSA score,” I ask.

“It dropped to 29,” Larry said.

I nearly fell out of the booth. “I’m staggered!” I said. Larry shared how good he felt.

Just before I returned to my Oklahoma home, we had lunch togther again. This time he reported a drop to 19. Going from off the charts, he had dropped to a figure not so far from normal. I thanked God

 This Saturday morning, I called Larry to check on how he was doing. “What’s the score now?”

“Four,” he said.  “Normal. “They  did an MRI and my bones are normal. No cancer.”

Does prayer work? Does the hand of God still reach out and touch people? Rev. Larry Kalb is a living example.

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BLOG 170

October 5, 2020


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Church with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced divine interventions.

Now it’s Fall. So, here’s Fall Reruns!


Rick Thomas usually wore cowboy boots and a big Texan hat. Living in El Paso, Texas, just across the border from Juarez, Mexico. And always colorful, he was known as an exceptional friend to the poor. When he died, Rick Thomas was buried in a homemade plywood coffin. A thousand people pressed into the church to say goodbye to a man who had lived love and spirituality. Father Rick Thomas, S.J. had been a Jesuit in the Roman Catholic Church.

Father Thomas still has insight for us about the world of divine interventions.

One of his significant places of ministry was the garbage dump for El Paso- Juarez. The sheer squalor of this sprawling pit of filth remains overwhelming. Poor Mexicans struggled to survive by living in the trash pit, having children here, and scratching out an existence in the midst of the debris. An untold number of the poverty-stricken live in cardboard shacks made from boxes tossed out in the trash. Fr. Rick regularly marched into the muck to hold religious services for them.

On the occasion of a visit to the United States, Sister Briege McKenna went with Fr. Rick to the dump. Sister McKenna was born in Ireland and entered the order of the Sisters of St. Clare where she became widely known for her ability to pray for the sick. With hesitancy, she walked into the worst squalor she had ever experienced. Sister Briege couldn’t see how any dignity of worshp could be manifest in such filth.

To her shock, nearly a thousand people had already gathered when they arrived. The contrast was staggering. These people literally had nothing. Setting up an old table for his altar, the priest went to work.

An old woman walked up, carrying a bundle in her arms. When she unfolded the cloth they saw a little child completely burned from head to foot. The dirty child was filthy and screaming. As she was crossing the mountains, the woman had found the child smoldering and picked him up. She handed him to Fr. Rick.

Sister Briege and Fr. Rick stared at the child that was nearly skinless. Finally, the priest suggested that they place the child under the table during the Communion Service. The service began and the congregation of the poverty stricken prayed with fervor. The Sister could feel the reality of the Holy Spirit descending across the mass of people.

Sister Briege began to weep and wondered if her faith might not be as strong as theirs.

As the Mass ended, they realized the baby had long since stopped crying. The child had crawled out from under the table. Sister Briege gasped! The little boy was happily playing in the sand – totally healed.

The Sister hurried over to the woman and ask, “What happened to him?”

The old woman looked at her with skepticism in her eyes. “What you mean what happened? Didn’t Jesus come?”

While the poor received the Mass, the child received new skin.


Blog 162
July 20, 2020

angel divine


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. 


The corona-virus pandemic has made it impossible for me to make the contacts to continue reporting extraordinary happenings to ordinary people. However, I’ve got a mail bag of these great stories so I’m recycling some that you probably never read. Here’s an example.


Generally, people form their expectations of what God can do and does from what they’ve read in the Bible –only. For example, if a healing doesn’t occur instantly, they decide prayer doesn’t work. If Welch’s grape juice doesn’t become Gallo wine, they are discouraged. Let’s be clear, there’s no problem with what is in the Bible, but the stories must be seen as examples of a starting point and not a finish line.

We must add continuing human experience and consider the Bible as a spring board. The scriptures call us to open our eyes and hearts to greater expectations. Charlotte had such an experience.

In August, 2012, Charlotte had a total knee replacement. She knew it was coming and had put it off too long. Of course, knee replacements can be painful and Charlotte struggled. She knew about Leslie Draper and her ministry that stemmed from contact with the angels. Some people might consider that approach on the bizarre side, but Charlotte needed help. And Leslie was anything but bizarre.

From years of working with human need, Leslie had learned how to listen to angels. She silently turned to them to hear their direction for what should happen next. In Charlotte’s case, the direction was for an “energy healing.” Interesting indeed.

Angelic direction suggested that the problem was that Charlotte’s body was treating the knee replacement as a foreign object and attempting to reject the intrusion. The body’s resources were focused on getting rid of the artificial knee rather than embracing it.

Leslie came and prayed for a shift in the body’s energy. Her prayers and ministry were aimed at bringing the knee into harmony with the body. The sessions were aimed at restoring concord in Charlotte’s entire system.

Thirteen days after the surgery, the doctor took the staples out. To his shock, there was little swelling. Healing was far better than he expected. The next step was the physical therapist doing a knee flexion measurement on the knee. He, too, was shocked and surprised. The therapist told Charlotte that in two to three months the goal was a measurement of 120 degrees. In three weeks, Charlotte measured 128 degrees.

Charlotte had a divine intervention.

It wasn’t walking on water – but it was walking across her living room with no pain. The heavenly Father cares about such things. Expect Him to care for you – without defining how, when, and where His response will come.

If you’ve encountered a divine intervention, I’d like
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Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

We’ve been exploring individuals who have on-going practices involving numerous divine interventions. Decades ago, I discovered observing such ministries can teach us a great deal. Unfortunately, churches often hurt people. Leslie Draper’s own childhood is an example. Families can also hurt people, leaving behind damaged souls. Her ministry is fundamentally the restoration of such damaged souls. Leslie’s goal is to bring wholeness to anyone in need. She has become a bridge to the wounded.

As Leslie reflects on those earliest years, she now realizes that her angelic experiences were actually preparing her for the future and a ministry. The problems had a purpose, but it took time to understand what this difficult period meant.

When she was in the third grade, the angelic appearances began again (reported in Part I). Leslie wasn’t sure what to think, but her “friends” had returned. When she told her Sunday School teacher about the angels, the teacher responded in a totally unexpected way. “They are demons!” she scolded. If you don’t stop encouraging these appearances, you’ll be damned to Hell!”

Leslie was shocked and retreated in fear. No more talking to the angels in case they really were demons. At age 10, her father was killed in an oilfield accident. The night before he died, the angels came into her bedroom again, but Leslie was apprehensive. This period in her life was highly emotional. When the oil boom broke, the family struggled to survive.

Leslie began to think that God hated her and turned into a biblical “Job” of sorts. As a result, Leslie developed an auto-immune disorder. At age 20, she was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis with secondary Rheumatoid arthritis and later developed Fibromyalgia. By age 32, Leslie was in deep physical trouble. A chemo-therapy cocktail was prescribed but fortunately, the doctor checked her liver function before she took the fourth dosage. If she ha received, the medication would have destroyed her liver’s capacity and she would have died.

Sitting in her car, Leslie struggled with the idea she might die and who would care for her children. She prayed, “Please God, open the door and I will walk through it.” Immediately, the angels returned and her life changed in that moment. Her illness ended.

Always highly intuitive, she has natural insight. For a period of time, Leslie worked as a Social Worker with the Child Welfare Department in Oklahoma. But that was only a backdrop for what she does today.

Leslie receives angelic messages and passes them on to struggling people. Multitudes have been significantly helped through what she hears the angels telling her to say. A divine intervention indeed!

What do we learn? Our struggles and pain can be the prelude to God’s finest work in our lives.