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May 18, 2020

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Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. 


The corona-virus pandemic has made it impossible for me to make the contacts to continue reporting extraordinary happenings to ordinary people. However, I’ve got a mail bag of these great stories so I’m recycling some that you probably never read. Here’s an example.

George Vey was an interesting guy. For years, he had been a Dutch dairyman in Orange County, California and a staunch Calvinist (very) conservative Christian. Before Los Angeles spread all over Southern California, there were many such dairy farms around San Dimas, Irvine, and the rolling countryside that was always warm and pleasant in the winter. George was contentedly running his farm when a real estate developer came along with a deal to build a mall on George’s pasture. Overnight George became a multi-millionaire.

One evening I was talking to him about faith and the subject of St. Francis of Assisi came up. George abruptly told me that he had a devotion to St. Francis. I was surprised because that idea couldn’t have been more contrary and foreign to his Protestant Evangelical faith. George told me this story.

Struggling with painful ulcers, his wife pressed him to go with her on a trip to Rome. George didn’t want to see the Eternal City, but agreed to go if she’d go with him to Assisi. He didn’t know a great deal about St. Francis, but profoundly admired him, his work, and his spirit. In order to get George on an airplane, his wife agreed.

Well before the last earthquake shook the Basilica, St. Francis’ grave was beneath a pile of rocks under the church where the famous frescos of Giotto hung. With his ulcers stinging, George walked down the stairs and sat down only feet away from the grave of St. Francis. He had no idea what he might see, but wanted to express his admiration. As George looked at the sight, abruptly before him a figure appeared in a brown robe with a robe cinch around his middle and wearing sandals. George instantly knew he was looking at the 12th century Francis of Assisi. Francis smiled and communicated telepathically that he was moved that George had taken the time to come to his grave to express respect and appreciation. Francis conveyed a blessing to George.

George stared in astonishment, almost not believing what his eyes saw. And then the figure was gone. George sat transfixed. After a long period of contemplation, he went back upstairs to join his wife.

Three days later they were back in Rome. For the first time, he explained his experience to his wife. She asked why he had waited days to tell her. “Because I wanted to make sure what happened was real. I know it is because my ulcers are gone.”

The condition never returned.

To the time of his death, George’s experience remained a miracle for him. Uniquely and for His own reasons, our heavenly Father can interject something wonderful into our lives. Could it happen to you? Sure.

Divine intrusions happen all the time.



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Blog 136
October 14, 2019



Often, I hear from people who have experienced miracles or divine interventions. I look forward to receiving these accounts as they deepen our understanding of how these experiences occur. Could you be like that? If so, please share your story with me. Drop me a note at


My friend and colleague Sean Yost brought me into contact with this experience. The Pastor of Redeemer Church, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Sean has ministered with Stovall Weems in the past. Weems’ Celebration Church began in 1998 with seven people and today numbers around 12,000 congregants. The following divine encounter began on Good Friday, 2018 during a Holy Communion service.

Because of the meaning of Good Friday, Pastor Weems arranged for a Messianic Jewish Passover type of service with Pastor Paul, an assistant who spoke Hebrew, doing just as Jesus would have done on that first night so long ago. The unusual service reached into the Jewish Passover to give additional meaning to the Christian worship that grew originally out of the same Passover. Stovall Weems’ experience occurred just as the Messianic assistant Pastor Paul was consecrating the unleavened bread.

Holding up the unleavened bread, Pastor Paul said in Hebrew, “take, eat, this is my body.” Abruptly, Pastor Stovall heard a distinctly different voice break in also speaking in Hebrew. The voice spoke three times and Stovall knew he was in the presence of God. The figure of Jesus of Nazareth was standing there also speaking Hebrew which Pastor Weems did not know. He knew he had somehow been transported into another dimension.

The staff watching the service immediately realized something had happened to their Pastor. Stovall Weems wasn’t with them or the service anymore. The truth was that he had gone into a trance and was in a heavenly realm.

He saw Jesus in a white robe with brown hair, executing exactly the same service with the Apostles being the recipients. Stovall looked down at the bread in his hand and knew Jesus was serving him. Jesus invited him to partake. The sound of Jesus’ voice rang through him, imparting Jesus’ personality. While not emotional, a feeling of authority and strength were imparted.

Stovall felt a pure, clear fear of God. While he felt unworthy to be in such a Presence, he had experienced the actual reality and presence of Jesus Christ. I listened to Stovall attempt to describe his encounter, but I realized that words escaped him. The encounter was beyond verbal explanation, but touched him deeply and profoundly. The closeness and oneness that he experienced left Stovall virtually speechless.

Many Christian groups believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion. They maintain that the participants are literally encountering the risen Christ. Stovall Weems experienced this conviction not as an idea, but as a personal reality. Stovall found a new empowerment and reality had been added to his ministry.

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Blog 127
July 29, 2019

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You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


In today’s world, miracles are certainly the unexpected. However, what they produce is also often unexpected. My encounters with people who experienced divine interventions is that they also discovered there is a side effect that is part of what changed their life. Only later and in retrospect do they realize that their heavenly Father was directing an even greater change in their life than they realized at the time they received a special touch of grace.

Joe Bickerman had such an experience.

Joe and a companion were zooming down the freeway and had just gone under and overpass when an explosion rocked the entire highway complex. The blast seemed to come from overhead. Because they had just passed under the heavy concrete roadway, Joe’s immediate thought was that a truck had run into the guardrail. An enormous greenish-orangish cloud began to settle over the entire highway system, making visibility impossible. A truck carrying liquid ammonia had burst into flames.

Suddenly, an enormous ripping noise filled the car. A tearing sound signaled that some piece of flying metal had cut off the back end of their vehicle. Fires started to spring up. The highway filled with debris. The destroyed vehicle finally slid to a screeching halt. The back end of their car was long gone.

Later when the highway patrol investigated the situation, Joe had to admit they were going 57 mph in a 55 mph lane. The officer explained that 2 mph difference saved their lives. If they had been going only 55 mph, they would have been killed. Two extra miles made all the difference.

You might argue that this wasn’t a miracle, but a chance of fate. Joe wouldn’t agree. He was convinced that the hand of God had saved him for some reason. Joe began analyzing his life. If God had saved him from disaster, it had to be for some purpose. What could that be?

As he was recovering, Joe became aware that a high percent of financial awards for damages given through the legal system were never collected. People sometimes ran; people just didn’t pay up. Often attorneys didn’t want to go through the struggle to make the prosecuted pay. As Joe became aware of the problem, he realized he knew how to help injured folks get the money owed them. He has spent the rest of his life holding seminars for lawyers and lay people as well as guiding the prospective recipients in receiving the funds owned them.

Grateful people believe Joe is a miracle.

Make sure you don’t walk away from an unexpected circumstance and assume it was all just chance. The consequences may prove to validate that God did intervene.

You might find my collection of near-death experiences to be helpful.
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Blog 125
July 15, 2019



You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. which features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where he has traveled and worked.


Kimberly McConnell’s mother called to tell me that Kimberly was facing a frightening ordeal. Kimberly had struggled with drug addiction for decades in addition to being bipolar, a psychological problem. She had just taken an MRI test with a renowned surgeon who found tumors all over her pancreas. The possibility of cancerous growth was high. The surgeon wanted to remove her entire pancreas which would have left her a severe diabetic for the rest of her life. Kimberly was terrified. None of the options were good.

Kimberly’s mother wanted to know if I would talk and work with her daughter. Certainly.

When we began to talk, I realized Kimberly was paralyzed with fear. She felt a vise clamped around her chest squeezing the life out of her. Dread contaminated her rationality. So, we began to work on her anxiety by separating her emotions and her thinking. I discovered her principal concern was a fear of dying. We began exploring I John 5:11. “This is the record that God has given us eternal life…” The goal was to make this promise more than an idea or a belief, but a reality in Kimberly’s life.

She understood.

Kimberly quickly began to allow her thinking to take charge of her feelings. She began to see she could face the next medical tests and biopsies because she had eternal life regardless of what the results said. New stability had come into her life.

The next hurdle was realistically facing her tumors or possible cancerous cells. Long ago, I learned a spiritual exercise of “breathing in” the Holy Spirit. Just like taking a breath, we ask the Holy Spirit to enter us like breathing in air, to move through our body, through our blood vessels, flowing to the exact point of our need. Kimberly began praying in this manner, calling on the Spirit of God to surge through her body and to touch the tumors.

When Tuesday came, Kimberly went to the hospital without fear or dread. She could accept whatever happened … regardless. Her life was now squarely in the hands of God. Kimberly had found a peace that transcended every need. As Philippians 4:4 directs, her thinking was fixed on whatever was good, pure, right, lovely. The peace of God was with her.

The staff put her to sleep to avoid the pain of multiple biopsies. Kimberly went to sleep without fear. The doctor who had first observed the tumors was doing the tests. When she awoke, Kimberly was surprised because there was no pain in her abdomen. In fact, she couldn’t feel where the needles should have punctured her.

“Doctor!” she said. “What happened?”

The doctor had a grin and shook his head. “I saw those tumors for myself when you first came in weeks ago. But I didn’t do the biopsies today because we couldn’t find any tumors. The tumors on your pancreas are gone, simply gone.”

No one was ever more excited than Kimberly. She would not have to face all the possible complications and struggles she had anticipated. Miraculously the tumors had vanished.

What had occurred? As Philippians 4:9 promised that the God of peace would be with her. A miracle indeed!



Blog 121
June 17, 2019

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Robert Wise explores the world of divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.


Three years ago, I found Patty Sill’s story and thought we ought to revisit what happened to her. I think you’ll find this fascinating.

Patty Sills’s condition was diagnosed as Tirdive Dystoma which meant her neck muscles continually contracted and pulled her head to one side. Patty had no control over her neck and was in constant pain. The condition made her spine bulge. She could be medicated but not cured. Doctors told Patty she would have this condition the rest of her life.

Patty told me that she didn’t want to live anymore. She couldn’t work or pursue any hobbies because she was so uncomfortable. Patty was certain she would be better off dead. Her voice sounded desperate as she described her deteriorating emotional condition. Patty had struggled with mental illness and attempted suicide. She had been in and out of mental institutions.

Having grown up in the Roman Catholic Church, Patty had lots of problems with church procedures. For one, she thought women should be able to be clergy. Organized religion only imparted other issues. Consequently, she was particularly skeptical about TV healers and churches in general.

Leslie, a young woman who had a reputation for talking with angels and praying for hurting people, was introduced to Patty. The whole idea seemed absurd, but Patty was desperate. She said, “yes, help me.”

Leslie asked Patty to lay flat on a table and she began to pray. Leslie’s hands became so hot that heat radiated through Patty’s body. When Leslie moved to her neck, Patty went into a convulsion and felt outside herself. She had to have help to stand.

The next day everything changed. With time, her incurable condition completely disappeared. If you ask her if she believes in miracles, she will tell you that she is living proof they still happen.

Since I began working on this subject, I have been amazed at how many stories I have turned up. They often come from people I know who have been reluctant to talk about their experiences that powerfully reordered their lives. In the contemporary world immersed in scientism and secularization, the idea that Divinity still reaches into everyday life and radically changes physical problems is considered nonsense. Television evangelists who claim to have such ministries are thought to be frauds, picking the pockets of desperate people– and some do. In the average mainline church, no one has seen a miracle or expects to encounter one. The subject remains closed.

But so were a number of other practices that are now totally accepted.

In the late ‘60s when I came out of seminary, people who claimed such cures were considered mentally ill. Consequently, talk of miracles has been off the table for a long time. So long, that it is now time to take a hard second look. In these blogs we will be exploring many stories like Patty’s and will hopefully help you discover how to become a part of this new revolution that the Holy Spirit is bringing to the world.