Blog 155
May 18, 2020

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Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. 


The corona-virus pandemic has made it impossible for me to make the contacts to continue reporting extraordinary happenings to ordinary people. However, I’ve got a mail bag of these great stories so I’m recycling some that you probably never read. Here’s an example.

George Vey was an interesting guy. For years, he had been a Dutch dairyman in Orange County, California and a staunch Calvinist (very) conservative Christian. Before Los Angeles spread all over Southern California, there were many such dairy farms around San Dimas, Irvine, and the rolling countryside that was always warm and pleasant in the winter. George was contentedly running his farm when a real estate developer came along with a deal to build a mall on George’s pasture. Overnight George became a multi-millionaire.

One evening I was talking to him about faith and the subject of St. Francis of Assisi came up. George abruptly told me that he had a devotion to St. Francis. I was surprised because that idea couldn’t have been more contrary and foreign to his Protestant Evangelical faith. George told me this story.

Struggling with painful ulcers, his wife pressed him to go with her on a trip to Rome. George didn’t want to see the Eternal City, but agreed to go if she’d go with him to Assisi. He didn’t know a great deal about St. Francis, but profoundly admired him, his work, and his spirit. In order to get George on an airplane, his wife agreed.

Well before the last earthquake shook the Basilica, St. Francis’ grave was beneath a pile of rocks under the church where the famous frescos of Giotto hung. With his ulcers stinging, George walked down the stairs and sat down only feet away from the grave of St. Francis. He had no idea what he might see, but wanted to express his admiration. As George looked at the sight, abruptly before him a figure appeared in a brown robe with a robe cinch around his middle and wearing sandals. George instantly knew he was looking at the 12th century Francis of Assisi. Francis smiled and communicated telepathically that he was moved that George had taken the time to come to his grave to express respect and appreciation. Francis conveyed a blessing to George.

George stared in astonishment, almost not believing what his eyes saw. And then the figure was gone. George sat transfixed. After a long period of contemplation, he went back upstairs to join his wife.

Three days later they were back in Rome. For the first time, he explained his experience to his wife. She asked why he had waited days to tell her. “Because I wanted to make sure what happened was real. I know it is because my ulcers are gone.”

The condition never returned.

To the time of his death, George’s experience remained a miracle for him. Uniquely and for His own reasons, our heavenly Father can interject something wonderful into our lives. Could it happen to you? Sure.

Divine intrusions happen all the time.



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