Blog 127
July 29, 2019

car crash


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In today’s world, miracles are certainly the unexpected. However, what they produce is also often unexpected. My encounters with people who experienced divine interventions is that they also discovered there is a side effect that is part of what changed their life. Only later and in retrospect do they realize that their heavenly Father was directing an even greater change in their life than they realized at the time they received a special touch of grace.

Joe Bickerman had such an experience.

Joe and a companion were zooming down the freeway and had just gone under and overpass when an explosion rocked the entire highway complex. The blast seemed to come from overhead. Because they had just passed under the heavy concrete roadway, Joe’s immediate thought was that a truck had run into the guardrail. An enormous greenish-orangish cloud began to settle over the entire highway system, making visibility impossible. A truck carrying liquid ammonia had burst into flames.

Suddenly, an enormous ripping noise filled the car. A tearing sound signaled that some piece of flying metal had cut off the back end of their vehicle. Fires started to spring up. The highway filled with debris. The destroyed vehicle finally slid to a screeching halt. The back end of their car was long gone.

Later when the highway patrol investigated the situation, Joe had to admit they were going 57 mph in a 55 mph lane. The officer explained that 2 mph difference saved their lives. If they had been going only 55 mph, they would have been killed. Two extra miles made all the difference.

You might argue that this wasn’t a miracle, but a chance of fate. Joe wouldn’t agree. He was convinced that the hand of God had saved him for some reason. Joe began analyzing his life. If God had saved him from disaster, it had to be for some purpose. What could that be?

As he was recovering, Joe became aware that a high percent of financial awards for damages given through the legal system were never collected. People sometimes ran; people just didn’t pay up. Often attorneys didn’t want to go through the struggle to make the prosecuted pay. As Joe became aware of the problem, he realized he knew how to help injured folks get the money owed them. He has spent the rest of his life holding seminars for lawyers and lay people as well as guiding the prospective recipients in receiving the funds owned them.

Grateful people believe Joe is a miracle.

Make sure you don’t walk away from an unexpected circumstance and assume it was all just chance. The consequences may prove to validate that God did intervene.

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