Blog 126
July 22, 2019



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Two things are predictable in Oklahoma in the summer. Football season is about to start and everyone’s attention is focused on which team is going to the top. And it’s hot! You can bet the temperature is headed for 1000. Newspapers run stories about frying an egg on the sidewalk.

High school senior Sam Tignor embraced both football and the heat out there on the practice field in Deer Creek, Oklahoma, on June 28. The weather people said it would be hot, but the heat index shot up and with a worse turn that day that took people by surprise. Out on the practice field getting in shape, Sam got the full intensity of the blazing sun.

With sweat rolling off his forehead, he staggered to the bench and tried to cover his face. Suddenly, he began to vomit. His eyes rolled back in his head. Sam began to convulse and went into seizures. Tumbling to the ground, he passed out.

His coach father Lance immediately recognized how serious the situation was. Sam had to get to the hospital at once. Loading the unconscious young man in the backseat of a pickup truck, they raced to a hospital which turned out to be the only one in the area equipped to deal with such a problem.

The emergency room raced into action. Sam was packed in a high-tech cooling vest. A breathing tube was placed in his throat. Doctors went to work, but soon came out with a grim prognosis. The next 24 to 72 hours were critical. Sam would be in a comma and could go either way. There was a strong possibility that Sam wouldn’t make it. Sam had suffered a heat stroke.

The physician immediately put him on the liver transplant list as his liver was failing with no hope of recovery. An enzyme count of 30-40 is normal, but Sam’s was over 8,000. If he did survive, Sam would need a transplant.

Sam’s grandfather was a minister with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The word went out in every direction calling on people to pray. His aunt Susan was in touch with groups that prayed. People were praying in Mexico and Africa. Intercessors in the Philippines and other states in America prayed for Sam. Visitors prayed by his bedside as well as total strangers across the world.

After a couple of days, one of the nurses said, “I’ve never heard the doctor use the word ‘miracle’ before. He is suddenly calling Sam “the miracle boy.” His mother Dusti had said earlier, “whether he makes it, or goes the other way, we are still believers.” Now the nurses and doctors were telling her, “You know this is a miracle? Right?”

The breathing tube is gone and his voice returning. Sam will be going home shortly. What happened? When people from all over the world prayed, their intercessions became like a giant power line sending life into Sam’s failing body. Life surged through Sam where previously there had been damage.

Does prayer work? Sam will certainly tell you it does. His recovery is a miracle that kicked the ball right over the goal post!


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