Blog 111 February 11, 2019


MIRACLES NEVER CEASE ~ DO YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE TO SHARE? Robert Wise would be delighted to learn about your divine intervention. If you have a story to share, please contact him at revwise@att.net. He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

While I’m thinking of it, I am about to leave for Israel and will be gone for several weeks. Consequently, I won’t be doing a blog until March 3. I hope to bring you back some inspiration from the Holy Land. In the meantime—

Let me tell you about my friend. I’ve known Rick for about 30 years. One of the hardest working devout guys I’ve ever known. For decades Rick worked for a local charity and helped feed children all over the world. He is now 70 years old. The discovery of his problem began with a haircut.

In 2017, Rick’s barber noticed a strange lump on the back of his head and suggested he really ought to see a dermatologist. The problem was quickly diagnosed as melanoma skin cancer. Rick was sent to Mercy Hospital for immediate surgery. In order to fill the hole where the skin was removed, doctors had to remove muscle and tissue from his arm. The operation proved to be painful, leaving a long scar on his arm. Rick missed work for ten weeks.

Following the procedure, a cat scan was done on his entire body. The results were shocking. Doctors found cancer in his lung, liver, and left hip. The doctor sat down with Rick and told him he had Stage 4 cancer that could not be reduced by chemotherapy or radiation. If they did nothing, Rick had 6 months to live.  Auto-immune therapy might give him a year.

Cancer had run in Rick’s family and he had seen how extreme these treatments could be. Rick didn’t want any of that pain. He tried one round of the auto-immune treatment and came down with terrible hives and a rash over his entire body. Rick decided not to do that process again. He certainly appreciated medical care and doctors, but he simply couldn’t deal with the discomfort.

Because Rick had always believed in natural foods and vitamins, he took that route. However, his basic position was that Rick completely believed God was his healer. He decided to rely on his convictions no matter what happened. Rick would trust the Lord and take whatever followed.

Rick began to express his convictions about healing power by praying, “Thank you God for already healing my cancer. Thank you, God that you have made me whole today.” Rick prayed in advance for the healing that he desperately needed. He walked the halls where he worked praying over and over. “Thank you, God that you have already cured me.”

Rick’s fellow employers noticed that he looked terrible, losing weight, and appeared drawn. Nevertheless, Rick did not stop his form of praying before the fact, thanking God for divine response even before anything had occurred. Other groups in the church community kept praying for Rick.

Rick went back for another cat can. The cancers were gone from every part of his body. He was healed!

When I asked Rick how this had occurred, he believed his constant affirmation that the Lord was healing him was the critical factor. In addition, he persisted in praying for his health day and night. Rick’s advice for someone with a problem is basic.  Keep praying and knowing God is with you. Regardless!

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