Blog 110 February 4, 2019


MIRACLES NEVER CEASE ~ DO YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE TO SHARE? Robert Wise would be delighted to learn about your divine intervention. If you have a story to share, please contact him at He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

As the war between Muslims in the Middle East and the Western world continues to boil, unexpected divine interventions have surfaced. In his book Dreams and Visions, (Thomas Nelson Publishers), Tom Doyle shares a multitude of these stories. Here’s an example of what is occurring right now.   

In the section of Old Cairo, Hassan (name protected) awoke to find a gun in his face. He was ordered to get up and follow wherever the imam ordered him to go. Hassan had no doubts that he had been discovered as one of the people who led Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. He had tried to stay out of sight, but apparently the imam’s had found him. His death was insured.

Wearing a strange mask, the imam led down the ancient winding streets in the middle of the night. As he walked with the gun in his back, Hassan thought about how the Lord had given him a passion to reach Muslims, but it made no difference now that he was on his way to becoming another Egyptian martyr,

“Up the stairs,” his attacker ordered.

Leading him to the edge of high building, Hassan was ordered to jump across the gap between two buildings. He didn’t think he could make it, but took the leap and got across. The imam immediately forced him toward a hatchway in an abandoned warehouse. Hassan whispered, “Jesus, into Your hands I commit my spirit.”

“Open the hatch door and climb in quickly,” the imam ordered.

When Hassan dropped down, to his surprise he found ten Muslim men sitting in a circle smiling at him. The imam who captured Hassan said, “We are imams who all studied at Al-Azhar University in Cairo.” He explained that each man had dreamed about Jesus appearing to them and privately become followers of Christ. They knew they could tell no one, but prayed that Jesus would send someone to them to teach the imams how to be a follower. They knew if this was found out, death would follow. Now, they believed that they had found a person who could teach them the Way.

The man who took him at gun point apologized for frightening him and wearing a mask, but believed it was the only way they could get him there. Now, his question was, “will you teach us the Bible?”

Divine interventions do come in unexpected ways!

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