Blog 112 March 3, 2019


MIRACLES NEVER CEASE ~ DO YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE TO SHARE? Robert Wise would be delighted to learn about your divine intervention. If you have a story to share, please contact him at revwise@att.net. He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

Recently a former colleague shared the story of what happened in an Ash Wednesday Service several years ago. Church members were asked to write on a piece of paper some issue they needed to deal with during this season of the year. After they wrote their need, the paper was taken to the front of the church and dropped in a bowl of fire. One particular woman in the congregation had been sexually and physically abused by her father and couldn’t forgive him. She had not seen her father for two decades yet she knew she needed to forgive him and release  the hostility she held in her heart. With her hand trembling, she wrote “I forgive.”

Standing before the flame, she finally knew her anger was resolved and she dropped the piece of paper into the fire. As she watched the paper burn, the woman knew her hostility was resolved.

A week later the letter came to her house.

Her father had written that on that same night he was in a hospital miles away and was dying. He wrote that so many times he had sought forgiveness for how he treated her, but he couldn’t get over feeling guilty and remorseful. Knowing that he didn’t have much time left, he prayed for forgiveness once more.

With tears running down his cheeks, he looked up and saw a far-off light began to appear in the window. The glow became brighter and larger until the light filled the entire window frame. The radiance kept increasing in size. Finally, the man recognized a face in the midst of the splendor of light. He could barely speak as he looked at the divine countenance,. “Forgive me,” was all he could say.

A voice spoke and a hand extended toward him. “Here is your forgiveness,” the voice said and handed him a burnt piece of paper.

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