Blog 109 January 28, 2019


MIRACLES NEVER CEASE ~ DO YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE TO SHARE? Robert Wise would be delighted to learn about your divine intervention. If you have a story to share, please contact him at revwise@att.net. He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

My good friend Joe L. Wheeler in his book My Favorite Angel Stories, (Pacific Press) tells another factual account important for this time of year when the snow is piling up and the temperatures are falling to frighteningly low levels. Every morning on the media reports, we learn of blizzards sending ice drifting across highways.

In the frozen forests of Russia, no one went into the cold alone. However, Sophie left her place of employment to walk to her father’s house in the village. With the bitter winds blowing, she started down the frozen road and then veered into the trees. Soon a band of wet snow circled her boots and began to seep into her socks. Sophie worried if she should go on. Then she heard the frightening sound behind her. Sophie knew well wolves were in the forest that now stood between her and where she had come from. Sophie couldn’t go back.

Fearing being attacked, she immediately prayed. “Lord of heaven, be with me, help me!”

Sophie started running, but soon had to stop. She walked for a while, then tried to run again. The staggering cold temperatures made movement nearly impossible even for one accustomed to the fierce climate. She began pushing herself forward by running from one tree to another, but her energy and strength were running out.

Once more, Sophie prayed. “Father, help me. I need you. Help me. Send an angel to help me. Lord of all, be with me.” Over and over she cried out her prayer. She knew her strength was failing and leaned against a tree sobbing.

From behind her, a hand touched her shoulder and a soft, kind voice said, “You cannot rest now, Sophie. Go on.”

When she turned no one was there. No tracks were in the snow. Bewildered, Sophie started on again.

The sun was setting. Abruptly, she realized the village was not far in front of her, but the wolves were howling and the blizzard blowing. She knew it would be impossible to get to the village. Her eyes fluttered and sleep seemed the only comfort, frozen sleep. She couldn’t get to the village.  Impossible.

A hand seized her shoulder and shook her. “Sophie, the soft, gentle voice said. “You cannot rest yet! Go home.”

No longer did her legs know if her feet touched the ground, but she started walking again. Finally, she stumbled against a door and fell to the ground. When she looked up, her father’s face was above and he carried her inside.

When Sophie later reflected on what had happened. She remembered there were no tracks in the snow and the voice had come from someone she couldn’t see, but she had prayed for an angel and one had come. Sophie knew that one day she would see the angel who had walked with her.

Surviving the winter had been a divine intervention.

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