Blog 214

September 26, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


Several decades ago, I became interested in how life in the first three centuries actually functioned.  I had a hunch that the miraculous dimension continued on from the time of the Apostles much has it is described in the New Testament. While there are important and distinctive differences between those early centuries and today, I wondered if the spiritual dynamic had really changed with time from then until now. In addition, I realized that few Christian groups had an honest understanding and insight into where the church came from and how it developed. They all claimed to be the original church and that couldn’t be true. What I found in studying the first centuries turned out to be insightful and fascinating.

I’ve put many of those discoveries in my latest book. If you’ll forgive me, I’m about to present a commercial for you. MAN ON FIRE is the story of the last disciple of the Apostle John. While today’s church knows little or nothing about Polycarp, he was the first father of the emerging church, a man of brilliant faith, and a major figure in defeating the first heresy that confronted Christians at the end of the first century. Polycarp struggled with the same issues we do in understanding how the miraculous dimension intersects with the everyday world. I think you would find this story to be important.

Contrary to contemporary claims. The first church in Rome was nearly destroyed when both Peter and Paul were executed by the Romans. For decades, these early Christians lived in fear of being captured and persecuted in a similar manner. The church was not organized and floundered under well-meaning but unskilled leadership. When Polycarp appeared on the scene, he began bringing order to the disorganized believers while avoiding the Roman soldiers who were constantly seeking Christians that could be arrested.

I won’t give a ay the ending, but Polycarp’s last days became a witness that rings through the ages. Martyrs facing death often remembered and repeated his words. You’ll be inspired by the same affirmation.

Usually, these blogs feature the experience of someone in today’s world that could be your neighbor. However, miracle stories speak through every century and sometimes the events of the more distant past are just as inspiring as contemporary experience. I believe you’ll find this to be so in the life of Polycarp.

            MAN ON FIRE can be ordered at the local book store. 

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Let the miracles begin!


BLOG 172

October 19, 2020


Robert L. Wise has interviewed people in many states about their experiences with divine encounters. Because of the virus, he’s been unable to interview people. So, we’ve presented Summer Reruns. Now it’s Fall. So, here’s Fall Reruns!

Now it’s Fall. So, here’s Fall Reruns!


Here we are in the season of werewolfs, monsters, and ghosts. Who’s been better at telling these stories than Anne Rice. The author of at least 27 best-selling books, the list included The Vampire Chronicles which was made into a movie. At book signings, she would often show up in a hearse wearing a flowing vampire’s cap. Anne Rice knew how to put on a show!

Now here’s the surprise.

One afternoon, she experienced a sense of the limitless power and majesty of God that left her convinced only the heavenly Father knew all the answers to all the theological questions that had tormented her for years. In one moment, Anne Rice knew that the God who made the Double Helix and the snow flake, the black hole in space, as well as the lilies of the valley knew and understood all creation in a way that we never could. She could trust in this all-knowing God who knew every single moment of every life lived in this universe. Anne Rice had crossed a line more dramatic and significant that any she had ever written about. A miracle indeed!

Before this moment, Anne had read the arguments circulating about the Christian faith. Anti-God books had dominated the best-seller lists. Professors had claimed to deconstruct Jesus with supposed insightful documents about who he was. She had heard the negatives and struggled to understand those ideas. But on this one afternoon, the nay-sayers fell away. Defeated by her personal encounter with new found trust in Jesus of Nazareth.

Today Anne Rice returns again and again to the Sermon on the Mount. She has found a blueprint for her life. I here words, she continues to celebrate “the greatest love story the world has ever known: that of a God who would come down here  (for us).”  Anne believes the love of God has sparked the only revolution that can truly change the world. Love.

Is this a miracle of a divine intervention? I leave it for you to decide. The important thing for Anne Rice is that the reality of the risen Christ remains with her. She concludes “that trust is what under girds my faith to this day.”

My latest books:

I Marched with Patton: A Firsthand Account of World War II Alongside One of the U.S. Army’s Greatest Generals!

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Blog 171

October 12,  2020


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Church with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced divine interventions.


Hey, I want to deviate from the usual path because I have something new that I think will be important for you. My latest book has just been released by Harper/Collins and I believe it will fascinate you!

Released immediately, I MARCHED WITH PATTON is the World War II story of a dear friend, Frank Sisson. I had known Frank for decades and never heard him mention of being in World War II. However, a couple of years ago, I noticed a plaque on the wall commemorating participation in the Battle of the Bulge. When I asked him about his involvement, he mumbled, “I don’t talk about it.”

As I pried the story out of him, his remembrances took me inside the war in a way that I had never known. I knew the public needed to read this account. In addition to the struggles of combat, Frank helped liberate the Dachau Concentration Camp and following the war became a Military Policeman in Berlin. His encounters with the Russians remains a story unto itself.

We developed this book to help contemporary Americans understand the values and ideals of the 75-80 million souls that perished because of this war. As I wrote these pages, I found myself again and again moved by the valor of the American soldier. You will be moved.

Perhaps, you read my 82 DAYS ON OKINAMWA that was released last March. The pandemic had just started and that blunted the release. However, the book is the first-person memories of Col. Art Shaw, also a dear friend who has since passed away.  His memories recount an era now passed, but important to recover.

Both of these books are available through Barnes & Noble or Amazon. They will more than suffice for those nights when there’s nothing much on television. They will warm your heart and challenge your soul.

Check it out!

You can find 82 DAYS ON OKINAWA on Amazon.

You can find I MARCHED WITH PATTON on Amazon.