Blog 290

May 1, 2023


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., he is the author of 36 books. Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


This past week I was holding a Night of Empowerment event where hurting people discover the power of the Holy Spirit to set them free from their struggles. The service at The Church had been exceptionally powerful. I was hurrying away to make another appointment when Johnny Brooks stopped me in the hall.

“Got something you might want to hear,” Johnny said. “I nearly died.”

I immediately stopped and wanted to hear his story. Johnny was part of a motorcycle ministry of The Church (formerly Act Church) called The Priesthood. Along with other groups they drove the highways and enjoyed the relationships. Johnny Brooks was cruising through Claremore, Oklahoma close to the Hard Rock Casiono when a truck with a trailer swung onto the highway and didn’t see him. Johnny clipped the rear of the trailer and went flying. Laying on the ground, Johnny knew he was dying and could barely mutter, “Tell my wife Nicole that I love her.”

The wreck ruptured his aorta that runs into the heart. As the doctors at Tulsa’s St. Francis hospital frantically worked on him, Johnny lost 45 pints of blood. They told his wife no one has ever survived such a loss.

And where was Johnny?

He was laying in a large field. A man in a robe with shoulder-length hair was standing behind and above him. He couldn’t see the man’s face but wanted to do so. He could feel the man’s touch on his shoulder and wondered if he was Jesus. (Later he believed the figure was Jesus) Johnny remembered thousands of people standing around the field watching what was happening.  Suddenly, Johnny’s wife was there crying and saying, “Don’t give up!”

That night Johnny’s step-daughter Destiny Reed had a dream. The next morning, she told her mother. “I dreamed Daddy was in a field and there was a glowing light surrounding him.”

And those thousands of people watching the field? Later Johnny learned that friends in motorcycle clubs all over America were praying for him. One of the clubs felt a divine intervention was at work as they prayed.

Five times the physicians told the family that Johnny Brooks wouldn’t make it. He did.

Finally, one of the doctors told his wife that it was a miracle that he had survived. Her response? She said, “Johnny was touched by Jesus. That’s all there was to it.”

Do miracles continue to happen today? Ask Johnny Brooks. He’ll tell you they most certainly do.

Remember miracles never cease!

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Remember to expect the unexpected! And let the miracles begin!


He was about to die until this happened…


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