Blog 274

January 9, 2023


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


For centuries there has been an unfortunate disdain among Christians for Jews. The conclusion was that Jewish people don’t experience the miraculous as Christians do. Would God hear their prayers? Oh, surely not! Sorry, not only is that attitude wrong, it has inflicted considerable pain on Jewish people. Church people tend to forget that Abraham was a Jew. Moses was Jew. And most of all, Jesus was a Jew.

Let me introduce you to a close personal friend whose father was imprisoned in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Karen Z. Brass and her husband attend a synagogue and have raised their children Adam and Shannah  as Jews. Karen knows all about experiencing angels.

Around seven years of age, Karen began dreaming about escaping her then dysfunctional family and an extremely difficult and abusive mother. As she thought about her reoccurring dream of escaping this setting, Karen began to sense she was being saved by angels. This hunch expanded with the emergence of a “circle of light” that appeared at night giving her the assurance and security to go to sleep. The lights were the form that the angels expressed. Angels regularly quieted her fears.

When Karen became an adult woman, she became aware of spontaneous ideas that popped into her head when she needed guidance. For example, she would hear a thought like “take the umbrella.” If she didn’t pay attention, it would rain and she’d get drenched. “Don’t wear those shoes” might come through. If she went ahead and wore them, Karen was certain to trip and fall. Often an angelic message reminds her to reach out to a person in need and let them know someone is thinking of them. In time, Karen realized that she had a guardian angel who protected her. When the angels spoke, inspiration began in a whisper. If the angel repeated the message, the whisper got louder. Karen now often holds out her hands to let the angel know she is paying attention.

Karen met her husband David through an angelic intrusion. At a synagogue service, as she started to park her car, the angelic voice insisted she drive to a different place than she originaly intended. Karen argued that she saw a better spot but the angel was insistent. She gave in and parked as guided. During the service, she met David for the first time and was immediately attracted. Continuing their conversation, David walked Karen out to her car. To her surprise, she had parked next to him! Today, Karen never ceases to listen for angelic guidance.

My conclusion? Everyone has a guardian angel who can make all the difference in our lives. Those random thoughts that blip through your mind may not be as random as they would seem. An angel may be trying to help. Pay attention.

And remember miracles never cease!

Did you discover something miraculous during the past year? I’d be delighted to hear your story. Please write me. Please email me your story at: miracles@miraclesnevercease.com.

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Remember to expect the unexpected! And let the miracles begin!


When she thought she was dying, she and her friends did this…


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