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September 19, 2022


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


I just discovered a host of messages from readers that had gone undetected for some time … even several years. In the age of computers, sometimes things go haywire. I apologize to my readers if I missed your communication. The responses have all been very encouraging. Remember, if you have had a miraculous intervention or discovery in your life, I’d like to hear about it. People all over the world are listening and need your word of encouragement.

Craig Michael shared an important story that happened to him as a pilot. Craig flies over fields and sprays wheat in the Spring time. He asked an ag-pilot, or also known as a crop duster, to come to Oklahoma and help him with a heavy schedule back in 2016. Of course, the friend knew little about the Oklahoma surroundings but agreed to help fly over the wheat fields.

From where the airplanes flew south of Oklahoma City is located a small cemetery. The old beautiful location is surrounded by trees and a peaceful quiet. The two pilots took off for their daily run as usual. Abruptly, Craig got a call from the other pilot. The man was clearly upset.

“I can’t believe it,” the pilot sputtered. “I didn’t know they were down there and I just flew low over a funeral in progress.”


“Yeah, I’m sure I upset those folks. I wouldn’t have done so for the world. The roar must have scared them to death.”

“Look,” Craig said. “We have a job to do and you certainly meant no harm. I’m sure it will be okay. Let’s go to work.”

The pilots carried out their assignments and returned to the airport. The two airplanes taxied in and stopped. When Craig looked out, his wife was running toward the airplane, waving her arms. “There’s a bunch of people over here who want to talk with you. Don’t know what the situation is, but they are extremely well dressed. “

Craig got out of the airplane slowly, not sure of what to expect.

One of men dressed in black stepped forward. “We were just holding a funeral when an airplane flew over quite low. We wanted to know who was flying that plane.”

Craig shuddered. Did they have a big problem?

“Why do you asked?” Craig said.

“Our father was a crop duster,” the man said. “He died a few years ago and was buried in Oklahoma in the mid-‘70’s.  All eleven of us children grew up around airports. After his death, our family moved to California. When our mother died, we knew she’d want to be buried close to our father. So, we brought her back to be buried in the same cemetery.

“I see,” Craig said slowly. “I think I’m beginning to understand.”

“Having that crop duster fly over just as the service was concluding was the most comforting and memorable thing that could have happened. We were so very grateful. As our mother went to her rest by our father, we were profoundly touched by that fly-by. We wanted to thank the pilot.”

A miracle? I’m not sure I would put it in that class, but you might. Surely that ‘accident’ proved to be the hand of God touching and reassuring the morning family. Sometimes the touch of God comes in ways when we can’t decide whether it was only chance or Providence. However, when the timing is perfect, I’d bet on the hand of God showing up right on schedule.

Just remember. Miracles never cease.

Did you discover something miraculous during the past year? I’d be delighted to hear your story. Please write me. Please email me your story at: miracles@miraclesnevercease.com.

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Remember to expect the unexpected! And let the miracles begin!


  1. That was a very touching story and I am so glad it brought comfort to the family. I experienced a similar story. My slather in law was the sweetest and most generous man I have ever known. His favorite Gospel song was ‘Fly Away’ He was also a decorated navy pilot. While we were singing his favorite hymn at his outdoor ceremony in Texas, a plane flew low in the sky where we could all see and hear this most amazing occurrence. There were a lot of tears! Surely God had a hand in this as you all thought!


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