Blog 187

March 1, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


Did you even have one of those thoughts that seemed to pop into your mind out of nowhere? The more you reflected on the idea the better it seemed to be, but you couldn’t imagine where the notion came from? Just seemed to float in.

As I have talked with people who knew they encountered angels, I noticed that many of them began their connection by discovering a random concept wasn’t just a spontaneous blip.  They came to conclude that their guardian angel gave them the nudge. That’s an interesting idea to consider. Of course, many people think the idea of a guardian angel to be only a figurative expression of speech.

But is it?

Collen LaFarge of Stoughton, Massachusetts will tell you to pay attention. Here’s her experience.

Collen worked in a home-improvement store at night so she could be with her daughters during the day. One evening, she was coming home late at night and recognized the traffic was light. To get home, she needed to go through four traffic lights. As she sailed down the street, Collen noticed that the first two lights were green and she didn’t have to slow down. The free passes could get her home much quicker. Of course, she was pleased.

As Collen approached the third light, she could see that it was green. Always a highly busy intersection, she thought luck was certainly on her side. She could fly on through.  At that moment something happened.

Collen felt a benevolent presence with her in the car. Goose bumps went all over her body. She didn’t know what to think but “something” was definitely in there with her.  A voice said “Come to a stop at the greenlight.”

She glanced in the mirror to make sure no one was behind her. Even though stopping at a green light seemed absurd, Collen took her intuition seriously and hit the brake. Coming to a complete stop, it made no sense to stand there when the green light said go.

At that moment, an extremely large truck came barreling down the adjacent street and ran the red light. It would have killed her.

Collen gasped and whispered, “Thank You God.” Tears trickled down her cheeks. She knew that presence in the seat next to her was her guardian angel. She still gets chills when Collen remembers that night.

And you? What about your so-called hunches?  Could they be …..

By the way, I’d love to hear your story if you’ve experienced a divine intervention.

Send it to me at Wise on Miracles@gmail.com.

Please watch and subscribe to my new YouTube channel MIRACLES NEVER CEASE, where I post interviews with people sharing their experiences with divine encounters!

Let the miracles begin!

An angel on my Shoulder

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