Blog 180

January 11, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


I first met Dr. Helen Roseveare at a Inter-Varsity Conference in the dead of winter. It was cold outside, but she made you feel warm inside. Dr. Roseveare had been one of those marvelous dedicated missionaries from early in the last century who gave up the comforts surrounding them to reach out to countries like Uganda. During the day she was a medical doctor, but at night she worked in a brick factory to be personal and close to the natives. Tender hands needed for surgery were tested by the rough, abrasive surface of bricks. That’s a story unto itself.

Out in the jungle, a native woman died during childbirth leaving behind a premature baby and a grieving two-year old daughter. Without electricity and no incubator as well as few supplies, the baby’s life was in grave danger.  The only hot water bottle in the makeshift hospital had burst when filled with hot water to use to warm the baby. They also needed food. Dr. Roseveare asked everyone to pray. The siuation was desperate. One faith-filled little girl named Ruth prayed aloud for a hot water bottle.

“Please God send us a hot water bottle,” Ruth prayed in her childish way. “It will be not be any good by tomorrow. The baby will be dead so please send it by this afternoon.”

 The prayer did seem presumptuous to Rosevearae and she feared the girl had pushed her petitions too far, but the situation was desperate so she let it go. Dr. Roseveare knew God could do anything up to a point, but wasn’t the girl’s prayer beyond the limits? The prayer made her nervous.

Doing the best they could, the small native staff went back to work. A couple of hours later a car dropped off a twenty-two-pound parcel sent from the doctor’s homeland. She had never received one such package in the four years she lived in Africa. Everyone gathered around this unexpected gift from Ireland. The orphans began opening the box and sorting through the large bundle. Bandages were found for the lepers and even some badly needed food.

Food for them! Little Ruth dug to the bottom of the box and found it! A new hot-water bottle to keep the baby warm! And more! A beautifully dressed doll was waiting for her.

Dr. Roseveare said. “I cried. I had not asked God to send the bottle.  I had not believed that He could.” The child did.

But there’s more.

The parcel had been packed five months earlier by Roseveare’s former Sunday School class. The leader had felt prompted to include a hot water bottle (for hot Africa?) and a girl contributed the doll.  This package was the only one ever to arrive and it was prayed for by the faith of a child.

What’s needed to experience miracles today? Could it be the simple faith of a child?

Let the Miracles begin…

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