Blog 144

January 6, 2020


Often, I hear from people who have experienced miracles or divine interventions. I look forward to receiving these accounts as they deepen our understanding of how these experiences occur. Could you be like that? If so, please share your story with me. Contact me at


Surprise! Surprise! A New Year!

Well, by now you know we’re already well into a new year and a new decade… with the headlines already terrorizing your morning. If ever you needed a boost to tell you that God is still working in your world, perhaps, this is the time.

Let me reassure you that all you’ve read about in these blogs over the years is continually true and all still applies. So hang on, the best is yet to be!

One of my last reports in 2019 was about Joan Stenke’s experience of having the Holy Spirit drive her through a deadly fog and come out the other side safely. Quite a story! Well, here’s some more of Joan’s experience.

Joan certainly knows the meaning of tragedy. She was talking on the phone to her son-in-law when he committed suicide. Of course, such an experience strikes anyone to the core of their being. Later a grandson, who she loved dearly, drown while swimming. Once again Joan had to face horrendous tragedy. While it can take years to live through the grief these experiences would visit on anyone, Joan still continued to struggle with her loses only to discover her daughter committed suicide with the same gun that had killed her son-in-law. How much can any one person endure?

For three years she went to bed every night crying. The agony wrecked her physically as well as emotionally. Finally, one night she cried out, “Lord! You’ve got to do something. I refuse to go on through life living with such overwhelming pain.”

Lying alone in her bed, she felt a tap on her shoulder. A voice said, “I understand your pain. You are not a woman who can’t understand.”

Joan felt an image rush through her mind. She could see the Crucifixion occurring and stared in awe. Joan realized something was happening to her entire body. She seemed to be leaving her earthly body behind and felt what she called “a translation.” (Like translating one language into another, the idea is going from one state of existence to another) Joan was someplace else where she seemed to be walking with Jesus. While she never saw his face, Joan knew who the figure was. They talked together and he shared the meaning of suffering. Time no longer had any significance as she seemed to be in eternity.

The experience lingered in her mind as one of the most vivid experiences in her life. The reality of God lingered. The person of Jesus was real.

Everything changed and the church became important to her.

Most of all, the pain was gone.

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