Blog 130
August 19, 2019



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You will remember Kimberly McConnell from several weeks back. She had an MRI that demonstrated her pancreas was covered with tumors that could be cancerous. After healing prayer, she entered the hospital only to find the next MRI revealed the tumors were gone. Kimberly had a marvelous recovery.

But here’s the rest of the story.

I was gone for a week and out of contact with Kimberly. When I returned to Colorado, I checked in with her, expecting another positive report. Wrong. Kimberly was nearly beside herself. Instantly, I knew she was in deep despair. What in the world had gone wrong?

It turned out the medical profession had really messed her up. Kimberly had several doctors working with her and they didn’t all agree on how to proceed. One of them arbitrarily gave her steroids for some reason or the other. Kimberly’s psychiatrist hit the ceiling. Someone with a bi-polar condition should never, never be given steroids. Besides being a possibly dangerous drug for her, it threw her system into turmoil. The bi-polar condition returned with a vengeance. When I was talking to her on the phone, Kimberly was in the depths of depression with her instability turning her inside out. She couldn’t just drop the steroid medication but had to be weened away over a period of weeks. Her struggle would have to continue.

A number of years before, a medical condition had caused her to lose her teeth and she wore dentures. During this current emotional episode, Kimberly lost her false teeth. After looking everywhere, she called her mother to come and help. Kimberly had not been out of her apartment so the dentures had to be in there somewhere.

Her mother came over with a friend and they frantically searched every inch of the house. She had given Kim a large over-stuffed chair and they looked all over the chair as well as every other piece of furniture in the house. Finally, they concluded that during her bi-polar episode, she must have flushed the teeth down the toilet. The mother rushed out to spend $1,100 on a new set of dentures that wouldn’t be ready for three weeks.

Kimberly sank deeper into despair.

As we talked on the phone across a thousand miles, I ask Kimberly to pray with me. Even though we were at a great distance apart, I suggested she feel my hand on hers. I prayed that I could be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to fill Kimberly with new insight, knowledge, stability, and a sense of well-being. We prayed for a long time. Finally, Kimberly said she felt better and we hung up.

An hour later, I returned to my desk and noticed I had missed her phone call. Immediately, I responded worrying self-destructive behavior was a genuine possibility. I was astonished when Kimberly answered quite to the opposite. Her voice burst forth in enthusiasm.

“Robert! You won’t believe it! After we hung up, I went in and was sitting on the edge of the bathtub when a voice surged through my mind. I knew it wasn’t me or some sort of hallucination. The voice said, ‘Go turn the big chair upside down.”

“No one had done that,” Kimberly said. “We had searched it, but not turned it over. I immediately went into the living room and did so. My dentures fell out! I know God was with me and would take me through this time of getting off the steroids. He has kept his hand on me!”

An unexpected intervention, but marvelous indeed!

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