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MIRACLES NEVER CEASE ~ DO YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE TO SHARE? Robert Wise would be delighted to learn about your divine intervention. If you have a story to share, please contact him at He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

Divine interventions come in many shapes. Marsha Stevens found that fact to be true.

Marsha was born in Pomona, California in 1952. Her troubled life began by growing up with a family impacted by alcoholism. She was tossed back and forth by difficult circumstances until she found a new life through a Pacific ocean beach-side evangelical Christian Church. This particular church became one of the centers where the Jesus Movement began. Marsha’s life discovered a powerful renewal.

From this period in her journey, Marsha Stevens wrote “For These Tears I Died,” a song meant to help her sister Wendy find her way to Christ. The song immediately became popular and to this day is sung in churches. If Larry Norman can be called the father of Christian Rock, Marsha Stevens certainly became the mother of Christian music. She was the leader of the world’s first Christian music group, Children of the Day.

Marsha married Russ Stevens in the ‘70s. The marriage lasted seven years before things fell apart. The husband got half of her royalties and the children. Marsha’s life was on the rocks and she floundered. Finally, Marsha wound up in a rehabilitation center where her struggle to overcome her addiction proved to be fierce and painful.

During this stay, Marsha wandered down to a lake on the grounds and wept over her failing attempts to stay sober. When she looked out over the cool waters, Marsha saw the figure of Jesus reflected in the surface of the ripples. She knew she wasn’t alone and that her savior would help her overcome her dependency. Once again, Marsha reached out to her savior to redeem her.

When she stood up, Marsha realized a profound change had occurred in her life. Never again, would she be addicted. Marsha Stevens was healed instantly.

This experience caused her to write a song still sung in church’s all over the world today. Come to the Waters. A song that sprang from a divine intervention

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BLOG 72 February 12, 2018 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE! 


Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

A number of years ago, I experienced a divine intervention that restored my health virtually overnight. At that time, I knew nothing about miracles, divine healing, or the work of the Holy Spirit. As I recovered, I set out to understand how I had experienced such an extraordinary recovery.

During my investigations of the work of the Holy Spirit, I realized that many of the concepts that involved healing could be taught just as churches taught evangelism or prayer. Not everyone got the ideas, but I observed many people recovering a ministry that they never conceived was possible. Eventually, I began traveling to congregations and teaching people how they might develop a healing ministry. Eventually, I taught in Taiwan and England.

On one of these trips I went to Holland, Michigan, a center of Old Dutch Calvinism that didn’t believe in the gifts of the Spirit as a contemporary reality. I knew there would be a significant resistance to my subject matter, but I ploughed ahead. I began with a Friday night gathering and introduced the subject of healing. All through Saturday morning, I shared what I learned. As expected, the attendance was meager.

On Sunday, I held a healing service in a church that had never experienced such a thing. The attendance was even smaller, but I had expected resistance. As I always did, I invited anyone needing healing to come forward. A few people responded.

However, one couple stood out in my mind. A local university professor and his wife knelt at the front of the church and handed me a slip of paper describing the problem. He had pancreatic cancer. An incurable, deadly disease that usually takes a life within weeks or months at best.

I prayed as fervently as I knew how with the laying on of hands. Nothing spectacular happened, but I could feel what I believed was the Holy Spirit working through me. I finished, said “Amen,” and they returned to their pew. The service was over. Everyone went home and I flew away in a jet.

Six months later another professor from the same university was in my office working on an architectural project. We poured over the illustrations that he had brought in with him.

Finally, he straightened and asked if I remembered praying for the young man with pancreatic cancer. I knew what he would probably say. I was wrong.

“I saw him yesterday. He told me to tell you that the cancer is gone now. It just disappeared. He was healed.

Even though I came believing, I was still astonished. You just never know.