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February 17, 2020



Often, I hear from people who have experienced miracles or divine interventions. I look forward to receiving these accounts as they deepen our understanding of how these experiences occur. Could you be like that? If so, please share your story with me. Contact me at


Cathy Sanders and I became friends when I helped her work on the untold story of how the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed. Her two beloved grandchildren Chase and Colton had tragically been in the Day Care Center underneath the building when the bomb exploded. The tragedy was unspeakable then and remains so today.

One never recovers from such a loss, but you just go on.

As a tribute to those lost children, Cathy set out to uncover what were all the untold clues about the bombing. For a year and a half, I worked with her, interviewing Terry Nichols and Lana Padilla, and a multitude of other persons, including lawyers, policemen, and citizens effected by the blast.

In time, Cathy moved to Arkansas. She and her husband loved to sail across the lake in their pontoon boat during beautiful weather. They had just come in from a ride when Cathy began to hook up the wrench on to the boat to bring the craft up out of the water. Unfortunately, the boat moved backward and she needed to catch it. Cathy reached out with her foot to pull the bow closer. The boat jerked further back, throwing Cathy off balance. She fell from the pier landing onto the top of the boat. With such a significant drop, she landed like being hit by a speeding car.

Cathy’s lung blew up like a balloon and she could feel two broken ribs. The pain swallowed her as if she had been dropped into an abyss of black agony. She was sure there was no hope. Cathy prepared to die. She knew her life had been good and she could go on.

At that moment a golden cloud appeared. The covering descended over her and the nightmarish suffering evaporated. Next, an aquamarine light seemed to be leading her forward. While she had not seen His face, Cathy was certain the blue beam was leading her to Jesus. With her painfulness gone, Cathy was filled with excitement and anticipation. Always a religious person, she was eager to see the person she called her Savior.

And then, Cathy remembered something that was highly important to her. For five years she had been working on a book and now she would not be able to finish writing it. The realization was the discovery of something important remaining unfulfilled and she needed to complete the task.

At that moment, the forward journey ceased. Cathy discovered she was back on the boat with a punctured lung and broken ribs. Medics appeared and had to take her back across the lake to a marina to load her in an ambulance. The pain returned.

While her trek into eternity hadn’t been completed, Cathy’s convictions about eternity and the reality of heaven were more than confirmed. Today she is doing well.

Divine interventions often come unexpectedly. Cathy certainly didn’t have time to ask for her deliverance, but her life called for the experience. I think today Cathy Sanders would tell you that the worst pain can surprisingly become the best gift.

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Blog 122
June 24, 2019




You might also want to look at the widely read blog on the MIDDLE EAST from Robert L. Wise, Ph.D. features weekly updates on little known facts about Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, countries where Wise has traveled and worked. In an unbiased and politically neutral manner, he reports an objective view of what’s happening.


Each week Robert Wise talks with, interviews, and follows everyday people who encountered miraculous interventions in their lives. Their amazing stories are described and explored to understand how these encounters occurred. No one theological view or denominational perspective is involved. Wise is open to what transpired regardless of the individual’s persuasion.

You will be challenged, inspired, and intrigued by these interviews. For over three years, Wise spoke with a wide range of people. Some were Christians; some were not. Many stayed outside the church while others were devout attenders. Wherever people had encounters, he discussed with them about what they saw, felt and experienced.


For three years Robert Wise explored the divine interventions that had taken place in individual lives. To his surprise, he discovered that many people had virtually never told anyone what wondrous fact occurred. They worried were concerned that people would think them crazy. The experience of divine intervention has been that unusual with many people and churches. Some denominations concluded that the miraculous age ended with the Apostles and that consequently after 100 A.D. there were no more such occurrences. Sorry. History doesn’t support that idea.

Another group’s practices were considered emotionalism. The unusual was explained away as being only rampant hysteria. The conclusion was that after the excessive sensation wore off, the so-called miracle disappeared and the person was left with the same problem as before. Clearly, there have been many cases where hype in mass meetings manipulated suffering people. However, the events that Wise encountered had nothing to do with emotion, jazzed up mass meetings, or people being controlled in a volatile environment. We will explore this scene in depth!


Robert Wise also wants to know your history. Do you have an experience that you’ve never shared but know is important? Don’t worry about explaining or justifying the facts. Just let Robert Wise know. In the weeks that are before us, we will be considering many important happenings that demonstrate God is still at work in today’s world. You’ll be amazed and inspired by each of the blogs that explore a divine intervention.