Blog 281

February 27, 2023


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.

Once You been touched then….

I’ve noticed that one miraculous touch leads to another. People who have received a healing experience often are able to pass on healing to someone else in need.  The miraculous begets the miraculous!

Robert Shelton (name is anonymous for privacy sake) made such a discovery. During a farming accident, Robert was caught in a machine that nearly ripped off his arm. The damage to the muscles was extensive, but most of the nerves and major blood vessels stayed intact. Robert was rushed to the hospital with dirt, stones, and debris lodged in his arm. Just getting the rubble out was a major problem. A skilled surgeon finally sewed the arm together.

A Christian, Robert Shelton prayed fervently. Robert’s devout parents prayed constantly. Later. he realized how vital their prayer support had been. Robert knew that prayer had been the key factor in saving his arm, a miraculous event in itself!

As time passed Robert Shelton was increasingly aware that the hand of God had sustained his arm. Robert continued to grow in his faith and eventually had a son.

Little Mark contracted an illness that resulted in a high fever. The situation became serious and Robert really worried about his son.  On an early winter night Robert stood over Mark and knew his boy had a frighteningly high temperature. Robert began praying to Jesus for help. At that moment something started to happen.

Robert felt energy passing from him to his son. He distinctly remembered an energy of light passing through him into Mark. The energy was being released from his arm into Mark.

The next morning the fever and illness were gone. Like a chain reaction, the results of one miracle were passed on to another. Don’t be hesitant about “sharing” your healing and renewal with someone in need. Remember one good thing begets another.

And also remember miracles never cease!

Did you discover something miraculous during the past year? I’d be delighted to hear your story. Please write me. Please email me your story at: miracles@miraclesnevercease.com.

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Remember to expect the unexpected! And let the miracles begin!


When she thought she was dying, she and her friends did this…


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