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January 23, 2023


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


Often, miracles are examined after people have been ill or survived struggle with a disaster. However, I have also discovered that divine protection can prevent people from facing medical emergencies or similar calamities.

One of the roles that angels have is to guard their charges. I found that everyone has a guardian angel whose job is to oversee our well-being. In contrast to ignoring angelic advice that might come through as an idea or a sudden thought, paying attention provides dividends for  our wellbeing.

You might not class some interventions as miraculous, but the people who were protected are glad to settle for calling the unexpected assistance a miracle. Here’s an example.

Brian Akerman and I were eating lunch when he shared his story. Brian is a clergyman in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and a dynamic guy. One of his ministries is an unusual outreach to bikers. Brian’s motorcycle club cuts across all lines and has proven to be an important connection with people who might otherwise be outside the faith. With his black leather jacket covered with biker patches, he looks the part of a king of the road. However, Brian prays about everything, including his own safety.

One afternoon while returning home, Brian was zooming down the highway when a car came out of nowhere and roared straight toward him. Apparently, the driver wasn’t paying attention at the intersection and plowed into Brian, T-boning him on the left side of the motorcycle.

Brian’s Harley-Davidson went flying sideways off the pavement as the front end of the driver’s hood and bumper crumbled. In some unexplainable way, Brian was able to keep his cycle upright rather than laying down on the pavement. However, from the front tire completely along the entire side to the rear tire, the motorcycle was smashed and flattened. The collision had wiped out Brian’s vehicle. The Harley had been destroyed!

And Brian’s condition?

Not a scratch.

Brian’s leg was not injured, and no bones were broken while the motorcycle was destroyed. How can such be? Impossible, you might immediately say. Certainly, but Brian did not sustain one injury.

Brian leaned across the table and said to me, “I had a miracle!”

He certainly did. His guardian angel made the difference. The next time you get into a car, ask the angels to watch over you. Start every morning with a prayer for protection. Don’t be hesitant to ask the Lord’s hand to carry you safely through the day. Brain will tell you that such a prayer is vital.

And remember miracles never cease!

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Remember to expect the unexpected! And let the miracles begin!


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