Blog 272

December 26, 2022


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


Common knowledge tells us that many people get depressed during the Christmas season. Misplaced emotions, personal loss, failures, etc. tend to pop up during the holidays when we are supposed to be happy and in a mood to celebrate. Unfortunately, many people just aren’t there. Let me offer you encouragement. Recovery of hope can be found closer than you realize.

Here’s what happened to Doris Miller (an anonymous name for personal reasons).

Doris developed suicidal depression when she was a teenager. The condition worsened and Doris became obsessed with the idea of killing herself. Fortunately, the situation never became quite right to do so. Doris concluded that in some way God was keeping her from suicide. That thought made her furious. She was becoming desperate.

One night Doris reached the breaking point. She screamed her rage at God until she finally broke down in tears. She shouted that if He wasn’t going to let her die, then her Creator had to do something about what was boiling inside of her. The anger, the bitterness, pain, and hurt had become almost unbearable. She pleaded with God that she couldn’t live with all this negativity inside her. If she had to live, then He had to help her with the pain.

Years later Doris still finds it difficult to described what happened next. She felt like she left her body and floated above herself. When Doris became aware again, the oppressiveness and pain had vanished. The weight of her negative feelings left her. Doris started to function emotionally in a normal way. Her depression was cured.

We can observe several things that happened to balance her emotions. First, she honestly faced her feelings. Although painful and frighteningly defeating, Doris got in touch with what was amiss inside her. Second, she hurled her problem before God and demanded He do something about the struggle. Another name for that response is faith. When she cried out, her heavenly Father met that need. When people throw themselves at the feet of the Father, He never fails to pick them up. While desperation can be unbearable, it can lead us to the place where deliverance is found.

If you tend to have negative feelings around this season or at any time, know that your Creator remains concerned for His creation that their days “may be merry and bright” as the song says. The Almighty waits only for us.

As always…remember miracles never cease!

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When she thought she was dying, she and her friends did this…


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