Blog 267

November 13, 2022


Rev. Robert L. Wise, PhD explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


Once miraculous avenue to walk down is learning to hear God speak. Really? Sure thing! For many people that idea would seem utterly impossible –and that includes many people in today’s church. They understand receiving inspiration from reading the Bible or hearing a sermon, but a personal direct message from heaven? Just doesn’t seem possible.

Here’s the good news. It is!

I stumbled onto the possibility some years ago. After a prayer for the continuous  working of the Holy Spirit in my life, I was instructed that guidance often comes in like thoughts that pop up in our thinking. I was instructed to listen to an inner voice and follow what I heard. I quickly discovered that I had found a new path for guidance.

I was later to realize that divine messages also have to be properly deciphered. It’s possible to be guided but not get the interpretation correct. Because we have free will, we have to discern correctly or we can miss the point or get on the wrong path.

Here’s an example.

Leslie Draper is a close friend with a remarkable gift for hearing God speak, but she too has to make sure of the meaning. Here’s one such experience. Leslie was driving down the street when she thought she heard an angelic message. “Leslie’s tires.” Immediately she thought of her friend Leslie Hadley. Was it possible that Leslie Hadley could have a problem with the tires on her car? Leslie Draper immediately called her.

“Go out and immediately check your tires,” Leslie Draper instructed. “I believe something is wrong.”

Leslie Hadley was on her way driving back from Dallas, Texas, but she pulled over immediately and got out. She came back to the cellphone. “No,” she said. “My tires are fine.”

Lesley Draper hung up the phone but was mystified. She was certain that she heard right, but obviously something didn’t fit.

The next day Leslie Draper pulled out of the driveway for a trip to the store. At that moment, she heard a bang and knew a tire was going flat. The tire store personnel came out to change the tire. However when the man checked, every tire was paper thin and driving the car at that moment was highly dangerous.

Did she hear right? Yes. Did she misinterpret? Yes.

Can you discover how to receive direct guidance? Absolutely. Just remember that you need to make sure you understand correctly what you heard. Be tentative until you are certain. Don’t worry, the angels can also help with that.         

And remember. Miracles never cease.

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Remember to expect the unexpected! And let the miracles begin!



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