Blog 253

July 18, 2022


Robert L. Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


            Studying miracles is always walking into a mystery. We can never be sure what comes next or how the hand of God will move. Exploring how a miracle occurred or attempting to fathom the meaning is important and helpful, but when we are finished there are more unanswered questions than what have been already discovered. The Holy Spirit moves like the wind, unseen but felt. That’s the way of the miraculous. What counts is believing, not understanding.

            Pastor James Mutahi can tell you about faith. Now a pastor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was originally a pastor in Kenya, East Africa. During that time, Pastor James noticed that his two-year old daughter Mary had stopped playing with the other children. She hardly touched her supper and then her temperature began to rise. Something was wrong.

               As the evening progressed so did the problem. The child’s temperature continued to rise. Sponge baths were administered to cool her, but nothing helped. James and his wife Jane gave her Tylenol but that didn’t stop the problem. Both parents laid down but couldn’t sleep. Something was dreadfully wrong with their child. At 2:00 in the morning Jane came to the conclusion that they should take little Mary to the hospital. James could hear the rain beating down on the roof and pouring down all night. That could be a problem.

            James Mutahi had always been a man of prayer and during the entire evening he had silently prayed for his daughter. He didn’t disagree with Jane about taking her to the hospital, but he deeply believed God could heal her. Even as he rolled out of bed, James hung on to that conviction.

            As soon as he started the van, James knew they had another issue. The wheels would only spin. In Kenya, the sticky clay soil saturated by rain can make it impossible for a vehicle to move. No matter how sick little Marry was, there wasn’t going to be a trip to the hospital. The family had to go back into the house.

            James and Jane began praying aloud. James believed in his God of miracles and called on the Lord to come and save his daughter. As the rains kept coming down, their prayers kept going up. And then it happened! Mary’s temperature began going down. Her feverish body began to cool. Mary started to recover. No doctor or medicine had made the difference. James could see his faith validated as his daughter began to recover.

            The next day was Sunday. James and Jane shared the story with their church of what had happened the night before. The congregation rejoiced that the intervention of the miraculous had restored this little one. The experience was an affirmation that God is always near. James and Jane remembered the promise of Jesus that he would never forsake them.

            What can you gather from their experience? Don’t forget that the issue isn’t your understanding, but your believing. The more you grow in faith, the more you will expect and your heavenly Father will answer.

            Remember to expect the unexpected!

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