Blog 242

April 18, 2022


Robert L. Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


I have been surprised by the number of people I have met who had “out-of-the-body” experiences  (NDE) as they were dying. When they came back and became conscious again, their reports always left me intrigued. A month ago, I shared Ron Carte’s journey after he had a heart attack and crashed into a tree. This week I interviewed him for a coming YouTube video that you will want to see. Just look for Miracles Never Cease by Robert Wise.

One of the fascinating aspects of an NDE event is the extremely accurate memory that these persons had of what they saw from the other side or often the top of the room. One woman having an out of the body experience saw a red label on the hidden side of a ceiling fan. The nurses were amazed as no one had discovered that red tab before. The uncanny but precise description of what they saw when out of the body is difficult to repute.

Here’s a similar experience of a man who been an atheist.

Ian McCormack was scuba diving near the cost of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean when he was stung four times by Jelly Fish. Sometimes called the most venomous creature in the world, one bite can cause the cardiovascular system to collapse with death in two to three minutes. McCormack was bitten four times.

As he was dying, Ian saw a vision of his mother telling him to call out to God for help. Now in utter darkness, he was terrified and prayed for God to forgive his sins. A bright light suddenly descended on him, drawing him out of the darkness.  The light was unspeakably bright as if it was the center of the universe. Nevertheless, Ian could look into the brilliant blaze.

The Presence in the light knew everything about him, making him feel terribly ashamed. However, rather than judgement, he felt what he described as ‘pure, unadulterated, clean, uninhibited, undeserved love.” In the middle of the light, he saw a man in a dazzling white robe holding out his arms to Ian. After he returned to physical life, Ian knew he had been in the presence of Almighty God.

Ian McCormack’s experience is another example of touching the transcendent dimension that is always around us. On this Easter Weekend, we are reminded of the ultimate victory over death that laid the foundation for all of these experiences. Certainly offers us hope!

Remember to expect the unexpected.

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  1. Dr. Wise, I am always amazed at the NDE experiences people share with you and you graciously recount. I am grateful you truly believe my miraculous experiences. Your acceptance and support of these very personal spiritual occurrences means a lot to me and many other faithful Christians.


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