Blog 236

March 7, 2022


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


The Russian invasion and assault on the Ukraine demand a need for assurance of heavenly intervention. Once more, we can assure the citizens they are not forgotten by heaven.

Brad Hentges and his daughter had gone riding when he was thrown by a young horse.  His pelvis was separated from his back along with internal injuries. After time in the ICU unit, Brad returned home still struggling with intense pain. After three months of barely being able to walk, the doctors concluded the pelvis had become unstable, needing a metal place with screws. However, the surgery might not relieve the pain.

Brad and his wife began praying. None of the options sounded good.

A friend came over to shoe the horse and recognized how much pain Brad was in. He was barely able to sit or stand. The friend remarked that he had a friend who appeared to have a gift of praying for people with Brad’s problem. The man had seen many healings. Would Brad like a visit from Bruce Carlson? Certainly!

When Bruce Carlson arrived, Brad’s pain continued to be so intense that movement was difficult. Bruce observed the situation and had Brad remove his shoes. Holding the feet together, everyone could see Brad’s right leg was a complete inch shorter than the other one. In other words, his pelvis was out of alignment with a tilt to the left. As Bruce began to pray, he affirmed his faith in God’s word and that they should trust Jesus Christ to be what he promised to do. He prayed for Brad’s pelvis and misalignment to be healed.

Much to Brad’s amazement, he watched the right heel abruptly extend, pass the left heel in length, and then return ending exactly the same leg as the right leg. Brad’s back and pelvis were in alignment.

Bruce asked Brad to stand. This time, he put his hands on Brad’s hips. Once more, Bruce affirmed his conviction about faith in Christ with the power to bring healing. At that moment, Brad felt like his joints were being squeezed together. Even though he was still feeling some pain, Brad knew something was different. The next morning, he awoke with less pain and was on his feet much longer. By Sunday, he was pain free and helped load and unload three moving trucks. The problem did not return.

Brad will tell you today that he is thankful the Lord’s servant Bruce Carlson was sent. His faith is stronger than ever. Could God do the same for you? Think about it.

Remember to expect the unexpected.

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