Blog 197

May 16 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


Last week, I shared two events from Leslie Draper’s  ministry that demonstrated the gift of divine intervention d. Leslie’s history also helps us develop insights into the possibilities that come with an increased awareness and dependance on the interventions of the Holy Spirit. Rita Jester is an example.

Rita shared her encounter with me the other morning. From her Choctaw Indian father, Rita inherited a problem with her heart and lungs. Her father died with the same condition. These issues increased until she was forced to seek medical help. The doctor quickly detected an internal issue that was diagnosed as Stage 4 lung cancer. A tumor had grown between her heart and lungs putting pressure on both systems. She was given 90 days to live.

Rita knew she was faced with a decision about living or dying. She had lived through a terrible trauma when her son was killed in a horrific traffic accident. Rita’s grief had been overwhelming. Constantly waking in the middle of the night crying, she wasn’t sure she could go on. But Rita did and now she was faced with another life-threatening decision. Would she acquiesce to the diagnosis or seek a divine intervention? She remembered the inspiration Leslie Draper had given her earlier. Rita turned to see Leslie.

Leslie had Rita lay flat on a massage table and close her eyes. Rita could barely hear Leslie praying when a burning sensation shot through her body. The pain became so forceful that Rita felt like her chest was being ripped apart. She opened her eyes to see what was happening.

Leslie continued praying and moving her hands back and forth above Rita’s chest. Although Leslie never touched her body, Rita felt like something was being pulled or burned out of her.  With her eyes closed and her hands moving back and forth, Leslie seemed to be in her own private space. Rita closed her eyes and hoped the burning sensation was positive.

Returning for her medical appointment, Rita was x-rayed again. The doctor was floored and insisted it couldn’t be! The tumor was gone and equally baffling there was no scar tissue.  The doctor was adamant and almost angry. Such didn’t happen!  They turned to the radiologist in case there was an error in the x-rays. After a second reading, his answer was clear. There was none.

Rita Jester had a miracle.

What can we learn? Rita refused to accept a medical diagnosis of death as final. She pressed on seeking life. Moreover, she stepped over the boundaries and reached out to someone who had a special healing gift. A divine intervention followed healing prayer. Of course, everyone’s problems are unique and individual. However, Rita Jester’s story demonstrates that seeking the hand of God is never a wrong turn in the road.

By the way, I’d love to hear your story if you’ve experienced a divine intervention.

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Let the miracles begin!

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