Blog 184

February 8, 2021


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


I’ve known Chuck and Janet Pohlhammer for maybe two millennium. We became friends when I lived in the Laguna Beach area a number of decades ago. Since then, Chuck and I have exchanged jokes, stories, and political commentary over the telephone. A number of them have become classics. The Pohlhammer’s have year after year made monthly trips down to Baja California to assist in poverty-stricken missions that take in orphan children. Janet is a nurse and can provide medical help.  She tolerates our jokes and gags.

This past week Chuck called with a different experience.

They had crossed the border into Baja California and gone down to Rancho Sordo Mudo to help this facility that takes in children who are mute. The ministry is a vital ministry to children and people who are in desperate need. When they arrived, the Pohlhammer’s discovered staff and children walking around an old water well in despair. Wringing their hands, no one seemed to know what to do.

The well (which was the only water supply for the entire Rancho) had gone dry. One of the men had been lowered into the hole with a shovel to see if he could open up the flow of water at the bottom. Unfortunately, not even a trickle appeared. Of course, the loose dirt was hoisted up in a bucket. Someone or something slipped and the container as well as the large load of dirt and rock had crashed on top of the worker.

Of course, getting the damaged man up from the bottom of the hole was a challenging problem. Fortunately, that was a solvable issue even with his injuries, but getting water flowing back into the well was paramount. In a proverty area, the problem had no solution. The ministry to the children was doomed.

The Pohlhammer’s watched as the staff lamented, prayed, and bemoaned their fate. Abruptly, a large truck came lumbering up the dirt road. The driver pulled up, and got out of the truck.

“I don’t know why I’m here,” he said. “I was driving up the highway when this strange presence seemed to come over me. Never happened before. Strangest thing I ever felt. Seemed like I was being told to turn up that next dirt road. So, I did and it led me here.”

The crowd listened intently.

“I’m sorry,” the man said. “I don’t have anything to offer. All I’ve got in my truck is a water well drilling rig.”

Little things can mean a lot.

By the way, I’d love to hear your story if you’ve experienced a divine intervention. Send it to me at Wise on Miracles@gmail.com.

Robert Wise, PhD presents stories of divine encounters!

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  1. I knew Janet when my husband was a pastor at Harold Lestma’s church in Laguna Hills. She helped me through a rough time and I’ve never forgotten her. We marched together at Disneyland’s Christmas Eve Parade when Cary Grant read the Christmas story. Her friendship meant the world to me. I would love to see her again, or talk to her again. Can you help me contact her?


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