Blog 177

December 14, 2020


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? Read and you’ll find new insights.


Part 2

In Lee Strobel’s The Case for Miracles he explores both the doubts and experiences of people who experienced divine interventions. He found that 67% of American believe miracles are possible. Only 15% said no. An eye popping 94,792,000 believe they have experienced a miracle. If you have doubts, Strobel’s book will prove helpful. Here’s an example of his findings.

Mayo Clinic diagnosed Barbara with multiple sclerosis. Board certified surgeon Dr. Harold Adolph said she was the most hopelessly ill person he had ever seen.  She continued to deteriorate, spending significant amounts of time in hospitals.  Eventually Barbara lost all control of her bodily functions and became legally blind, seeing only shadowy figures in the dark. She ended up bedfast with her hands permanently flexed. Her life expectancy was less than six months.

Someone called in her condition to the radio station for the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. A request for prayer was sent out with 450 people resounding that they would pray for Barbara.  On Pentecost Sunday, her aunt came over to read those letters from people who cared. During a lull in the reading, Barbara was sure she heard a man’s voice. The words were clear and filled with compassion.

“My child, get up and walk,” the voice said.

Barbara became agitated and reported what she heard. She called for her family to come in and gather around. She felt compelled to do what she heard. The oxygen tube was pulled out.  Barbara stood on legs that had not supported her for years.  Her mother ran into the room and screamed, “You have muscles again.!”

The family moved to the living room to rejoice and pray, but Barbara found it hard to sit still.  When her mother returned to the Wheaton Wesleyan Church, the pastor asked if there were any announcements. Her mother stood and reported the miracle’ the congregation broke in clapping and cheering.

On Monday, Barbara returned to the doctor’s office for an exam. When he saw her walk down the hall, the doctor said, “I thought I was seeing an apparition. No one had ever seen anything like this before.” The doctor told Barbara, “This is medically impossible. But you are now free to go out and live your life.”

Barbara has now lived forty-five years with no reoccurrence of the illness.  

Lee Strobel started out as an atheist. He no longer is.

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