Blog 163
July 27, 2020

angel angel


Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. 


Richard O’Donnell responded to a couple of my blogs on angels (June 29 & July 13) and shared with me his experience of finding he had an angel on his shoulder. I called him up to inquire further into his experience. What followed was a fascinating conversation about an angelic voice that speaks to him all the time.

One of the reasons that I write these blogs is to encourage readers to pursue the same discoveries. Some people have experienced miracles, others divine interventions. More than once I heard from people with angelic visitations. My conversation with Richard proved to be one of the most interesting.

Richard shared that somewhere in his 30s he began to hear a voice that spoke through his thoughts. The voice was distinct soft, and subtle. Always conveying something spiritual or significant, the voice offered important messages. At first, Richard didn’t always follow the direction he was receiving, reasoning the suggestion didn’t seem logical. That was a mistake!

For example, the voice said “take an umbrella.” He looked at the sky and thought it’s not going to rain. He left the umbrella at home. It rained.

Part of Richard’s journey was prompted by the realization that his concept of God had been way too small. Without thinking about the problem, he had put God in a box. As he reached out to unusual resources like Indian Medicine Men, he found new expressions of Divinity. He got in touch with healing prayer and found that when you pray for healing of others, you find healing for yourself. His view of God expanded and more insight followed.

As he listened, he realized that the voice had never steered him wrong. Slowly, Richard began to realize that he had a guardian angel that was the source of the sound. Just before the pandemic hit, a warning came. This time Richard was paying careful attention and he prepared for the crisis. He has discovered the angel leads him into miraculous encounters with people in need. People are touched. The angelic presence speaks constantly. While this might not fit with secular logic that dominates in America today, Richard continues to encourage people to find their own angelic voice.

I found Richard’s experience to be an inspiration to anyone who would like to make the same discovery. Through the past several years, I’ve talked with many people who made similar realizations. I join with him in suggesting that you can’t make a more valuable find!

Thanks Richard. Your story has blessed us all.

If you’ve encountered a divine intervention, I’d like
to hear you’re your experience.
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