Blog 96 October 15, 2018


MIRACLES NEVER CEASE ~ Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Could the power of God intervene and produce a miracle without any human factor? Of course. What the heavenly Father chooses to do rises entirely out of His grace. However, in these blogs we are exploring our part in bringing divine interventions to pass. Hopefully, we are learning how to be better connectors that convey life.

The urge to pray with people grew from these healings I have described. I became aware that when a person had experienced some form of healing they were often endowed with the ability to pray for others with the same problem. This happened when I felt moved to pray with Lenore Riddell.

Scott and Lenore Riddell lived in the top section of land above our house in Colorado. I saw the family occasionally and we were friends. During the summer I was working behind our house when an unexpected thought ran through my mind.

“Go up and ask Lenore if you can pray for her,” the message drifted into my thinking.

I kept working and thought it was only a weird random blip. The thought kept coming. With reluctance, I decided to walk up to the house and see if there was a problem.

Somewhat to my surprise, Lenore Riddell gave an enthusiastic yes. Without telling me exactly what the problem was, she asked me to come in and intercede. Eventually, she told me about painful attacks hitting her in the midsection and doubling her over in pain. For the next several months, I trekked up to their house and prayed by putting my hands on her head while I interceded. She reported warmth traveling up and down her spine. In three to five minutes, the pain was gone. Unfortunately, in a day or two the pain would return and we would start over again. Every time we prayed, the pain quickly disappeared.

I had no insight into her medical problem. I only knew when we prayed Lenore quickly had relief. Finally, she was diagnosed with an issue needing surgery. After the surgery, the pain returned. The doctors concluded she would have the problem the rest of her life.

When I continued to pray with Lenore, the pain stopped. Finally, the throbbing never returned and the medical predictions proved wrong. Lenore was healed. But something extra had been passed on in the process.

During a regular mammogram x-ray, the nurse took a look at the results and began taking more pictures. In an unusual procedure, she took over 20 x-rays and then went for the doctor. He looked at the x-rays and concluded there was a lump that could well be cancerous. The doctor returned and told her that a biopsy was necessary. They would do one more set of x-rays and then begin. Lenore cringed. She knew such a procedure could be highly painful and wasn’t sure she could stand it. Sitting alone in the room, she began to pray earnestly. “Not my will but yours, Lord. If this is necessary, please, oh please, help me get through it.”

Lenore closed her eyes and a vision began to unfold. She was sitting by a rippling stream. Surrounded by the lush green of a beautiful meadow and towering pines, the scene conveyed tranquility. A voice drifted across the stream. “I will not leave you or forsake you.” Peace descended over her and she opened her eyes. She was ready for the procedure.

The doctor walked in. “Rather amazing,” he said. “In that second set of x-rays, the lump is completely gone. Certainly didn’t expect that result.”

“Gone?” Lenore’s voice raised a notch. The doctor smiled. “I guess you can go home. You’re okay.” She smiled. “It was the Lord’s deal.” And it was.

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