Art Believes in Angels

Blog 21 December 19, 2016 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE

Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world? Read and you’ll find new insights.

Art Shaw is a fascinating guy. At age 95, he is a retired Army Colonel who fought in World War II and all the conflicts that followed. Art received a serious back injury that required a spinal fusion from L1 to S1. Twenty-two units of blood were needed. A team of doctors and nurses was required to move him in the bed. Of course, any motion was extremely painful. Nevertheless, what the staff called a “log roll” was necessary to prevent pneumonia.

In the middle of the night, Art heard a voice call his name. “Art, it’s time to log roll.” No one was in the room. The voice came again. Because of the pain and serious possible complications, Art knew how difficult it would be. “Art, do what I tell you and your won’t be hurt.” Art intuitively knew to obey.

He opened his eyes and saw something like a black tube extending into infinity. At the top was a bright, concentrated light. With the instruction to turn over came the assurance that they would help him do so. He made the log roll and went back to sleep.

Later in the night the voice called again. “Art, it’s time to roll.” The same assurance that he would be helped was there. He turned over. Easily.

When his wife Joan arrived the next morning, Art told her that he turned over twice.

“Impossible!” she insisted. “You couldn’t have!”

She rushed out of the room to confront the nurse. “What are you giving him?” she forcefully inquired. “What drugs? What pain killers? Is he hallucinating?”

The nurse frowned. “What are you talking about? We didn’t give him any additional medications last night.

Joan dragged the nurse and her assistants back to his room. “He couldn’t have turned by himself! The pain would be too great. Too dangerous. But look!”

The nurse stared for a moment and then ran for the doctor. Dr. Shephard came in. Astonished! There was no medical explanation for how Art Shaw could have been repositioned – but it had happened – twice.

The angel continued to speak several other times. “Art, you will be alright. You’ll be okay.

When Art told me this story, he was relating how he had come to know that a guardian angel was with him. Like a voice speaking inside his head, when his name was called direction followed. Today at important times, Art’s angel always shows up and gives him the orientation that he needs.

Art told me that the Angel always has the same particular tone in voice. Distinct. Individual. Whenever the voice sounds, Art knows who is speaking and listens.

Believe in Angels? Art certainly does.

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