Miracle or Divine Intervention?

BLOG 9 September 12, 3016

For the purposes of this blog, I am making a distinction. A miracle is a Divine Intervention; a Divine Intervention is not necessarily a miracle. While the two categories are used interchangeably, fundamentally a miracle is an undeniable supra-natural event that radically changes something. A Divine Intervention is an act of God but less noticeable and more in the natural realm. The condition can return. For example, a blind child receiving her sight is a miracle. A nudge in your thinking to call a friend only to discover a desperate need is a divine intervention. The touch of God occurs all the time though we tend to miss it. However, a miracle cannot go unnoticed. I hope I am increasing your sensitivity to discover both expressions of the Holy Spirit.

Joanie is a Research Analyst who confirms agency compliance with a major charity. For a number of years, she struggled with immobility in her knees. The pain in her knees was a constant problem and an Orthopedic doctor had diagnosed osteoarthritis and noted the right knee had no cartilage left. The only possible medical offering was a knee replacement.

During a Sunday morning worship service on May 31st, 2015, a visiting bishop spoke at her church. Known for his powerful prayers, he invited the membership to come forward for a time of special prayer following the morning Service of Holy Communion. She had studied biblical passages that promised healing following the orthopedic prognosis. She found in II Kings 20:5 the promise, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you.” Joanie immediately came forward and ask for prayer for her knees.

The bishop often anoints believers with oil as the scripture describes and lays on hands. On this morning, he made the sign of the cross on both of her knees. Joanie quickly felt the impact. While the cartilage had gone from her knee, during the prayer she felt a sensation like a powerful hot fluid was running through her knee joints. As the bishop prayed for her, he felt this result was occurring. Joanie’s faith was quickened. Her faith in what God can do increased and a more profound sense of what the Lord was doing followed. She knew the heavenly Father was touching her at a deep level. After the service, she still sensed some pain but knew she was much better. The physical limitation in both knees lessened. She could walk further and drive with less pain. She didn’t need the knee replacement.

Miracle or divine intervention? I’ll leave the decision with you although I’d call it a divine intervention. Aspects of the problem would probably return from time to time for Joanie, but the Holy Spirit had certainly made a difference.

Keep looking, expecting, and praying. Divine Interventions happen everyday.

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