Blog 2 July 25, 2016


Robert Wise explores the world of divine intervention from an objective point of view. How can 21st Century people understand how the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

When I began researching the subject of miracles, I visited congregations and during morning worship ask the members if anyone had ever experienced such an event. Following the service, people would come up, look around to make sure no one was listening, and then whisper a story. The topic of miracles had become suspect.

But I found they continue to happen.

Quinton Moore is a pastor of a church called The Father’s House and is a bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. One evening, Billy Simmons stopped Quinton in the church hallway.

“Pastor, my daughter Kendra has become ninety percent deaf.” Billy shook his head. “We’re terribly worried. Tomorrow we’re taking her to an audiologists for more testing. Would you pray for her right now?”

Pastor Moore took a deep breath. He was tired, in a hurry, and didn’t feel particularly spiritual, but he couldn’t walk away. The pastor forced a smile and reached out for the child. He laid his hands on the little girl and prayed fervently.

The next day when the Simmons family showed up at the audiologists, Kendra was thoroughly examined.

“There is nothing wrong with her hearing,” the perplexed specialist said. “She’s fine. I’m not sure why you brought her in.”

Believe in miracles? Kendra Simmons certainly does.

In these blogs, we examine the subject of miracles and the miraculous and see if we can understand the circumstances around how these phenomenon occur. We will consider the value of searching for a miracle when faced with an impossible situation. After looking at the pages of the Bible, we will explore how miracles have continued to appear during past and recent history. We want to know more about the experiences of people like Kendra Simmons.

My ultimate objective for this blog is to help restore a ministry that the New Testament suggests should be constant. Regardless of various theological debates, healing, restoration, life re-orienting events, hearing the Divine communicate, etc. have never stopped. Unfortunately, most churches just aren’t up on history.

How did this happen to Kendra? First, her father came for spiritual help. The trust and faith were in the father, not the child. Second, they came to a pastor who believe in and practiced interceding for the sick. Third, the pastor knew he had not capacity to heal anyone – but he could be a vessel for God to use. The result was the restoration of a child’s hearing.

Sound simple? The most profound truths always sound simple. However, the practice isn’t easy or without understanding. It begins in an expansion of our faith to believe the Holy Spirit is able – and reaching out to impart the gift.



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