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March 21, 2022


Rev. Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. An Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with a Ph.D., Rev. Wise relates his interviews with persons who experienced the touch of God.


David Gurno was born in the Red Lake Indian Reservation in North Minnesota, one of thirteen children. He grew up in a world where everyone drank all the time. David watched his parents, siblings, and other Chippawa friends drink heavily from the time he was a small child.  Thirty-eight years later, his incessant binges landed him in a state mental hospital.

Staring up at the ceiling, David saw large birds descending on him that began picking at his face. Trying to escape the scavengers, David looked at the floor. To his shock, he saw snakes and vile-looking creatures crawling up out of the drain. Alcoholism had turned David Gunro into a madman.

A thought rolled up in his mind. Months earlier a man had said, “Dave, I know someone who can help you. His name is Jesus.” As that recollection ruminated, he wondered if the man might have been an angel.

David realized that he desperately hoped that offer was true.  He cried out, “Jesus if you can do what that man said and if you’re really real, I need your help!  I need you to take this desire for alcohol away from me and give me a new life.”

Nothing seemed to have happened, but he crawled up in his bed and went to sleep for the first time in two weeks. When he woke up, David didn’t have the shakes. For the first time in longer than he could remember, he didn’t feel sick. Instead, strength seemed to have returned. The discovery shocked him. Had Jesus truly answered his prayer? The Man from Galilee had truly entered his life.

After he was released from the hospital, David came back to Minneapolis to find a job and start a new life. When he found his old drinking buddies, they were astonished by his sobriety. After he explained to those hard-core alcoholics how he had become and stayed sober, eight of them made the same decision to follow Christ and ask him into their lives. They stayed sober for the rest of their lives.

You don’t have to hit bottom to make the same discovery. Everyday with a thousand different problems and needs, struggling people reach out and find exactly what  and Who changed David’s life.

Got a big problem? Try it. He’s still there.

Remember to expect the unexpected.

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One thought on “TRANSFORMATION

  1. The Lord forgives so easily and loves us so freely. He answers prayers. David’s conversion and healing was truly inspirational.


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