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April 20, 2020



Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today?


As I talked with persons having an experience of divine intervention, more than once I ran across someone with a healing touch. The idea of a “touch” is actually not that different from people who can draw images that move us. The artist’s touch was with a brush. Author’s “touch” us with their words. Where do such abilities as painting and writing come from? Why do some have the gifts and others don’t. Fundamentally, “touch” is God given. The healing touch is all part of the same gifting from our heavenly Father.

Here’s an example.

Maurice Tester, a “property consultant,” in London, England, suffered with a prolapsed disc in his spin. Of course, he struggled with great pain. Unfortunately, doctors had no answer and no one could produce a cure. The only possibility offered to Maurice was a surgical operation that had a limited hope of success. He was pushed against the wall.

Someone suggested that Ted Fricker might help. Fricker had a reputation of being a healer and a person with an extraordinary “touch.” Anything would be better than what Maurice Tester lived with. He knocked on the door of Mr. Fricker.

Ted Fricker welcomed Maurice and had him come in and lay down and stretched out flat. Ted Fricker began to run his hands up and down Maurice’s back. For about ten minutes, he gently moved up and down Tester’s spine. Slowly, the pain began to diminish. Finally, at the end of ten minutes, the pain disappeared. Maurice went home a happy man. He came back to Ted Fricker for several more visits and the pain never returned.

The orthopedist Maurice had been going to confirmed that he had received a total healing and natural remission was impossible.

When his ability to bring healing was explored, Ted Fricker said that whatever capacity he had came directly from God. What he did during a treatment was only following what he believed the Holy Spirit silently whispered in his ear. Maurice’s cure was only one of many.

What should we conclude? First, God gives the gift of healing “touch” as He chooses and many people have the gift. Second, we should be open to the gift being used on us when we have need. Third, we should be open to the Holy Spirit visiting the gift to us. We don’t have to seek to be known in our community, only available to help when there is a need.

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One thought on “A HEALING TOUCH

  1. Good Morning. I was wondering if you knew if E G Fricker is still alive and practicing. If not are there others that you know of in US east coast? Any information is greatly appreciated. Love and light.


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