Blog 147
January 27, 2020



Often, I hear from people who have experienced miracles or divine interventions. I look forward to receiving these accounts as they deepen our understanding of how these experiences occur. Could you be like that? If so, please share your story with me. Contact me at revwise@att.net.


You met Joseph Bias last week. Let me tell you more about this exceptional person. With a voice of immense capacity and power, he met and worked with famous people in the professional music business along the way. He recorded with singers like Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, Gloria Gaither, and Johnny Cash. After ordination to the Christian ministry in l981, he performed in the Billy Graham Crusades and Kenneth Copeland Ministries as well as Teen Challenge in Germany and Sweden. Joseph conducted the first Men’s Chorus for Promise Keepers at their gathering in Anaheim Stadium in California.

As I noted last week, Joseph finally settled in as the Ministry of Music at the First Methodist Church, conducting their Cathedral Choir and Orchestra. What I didn’t explain was how he got to that position.

Years earlier Joseph had gone to Nashville and worked with the renowned musician talent and composer Allen Moore. During this time, Joseph lived in fear that the healing of his vocal cords might not last. (I reported that story last week) He had gone by Allen Moore’s house and walked in not expecting to experience a profound sense of peacefulness. Allen told Joseph that he and his wife had been in a Bible Study.  Joseph was almost shocked as he didn’t expect such a thing from the music and band crowd he worked with. “A Bible Study?”

Joseph couldn’t help but remark, “There’s so much peace in your home.”

Allen said, “That’s Jesus.”

Joseph didn’t understand what Allen meant and couldn’t identify with that suggestion.

Allen said it again. “That’s Jesus.”

The conversation went back and forth three or four times. Joseph couldn’t figure out what it meant to identify with Jesus of the Bible in this kind of way. He certainly knew Jesus of the scripture but this a different idea. Allen suggested that Joseph should listen to a song that might help him understand. Entitled Feed My Sheep, the song based on the gospel of John (John 21:15-19) containing the message that Peter didn’t understand Jesus’ call to follow him.

“Come in and listen,” Allen said.

Allen turned on one of those reel-to-reel recorders and let the music float out. Joseph sat down on the rug on the floor and just listened. The song seemed to be a special message to Joseph and Joseph alone. He felt as if the Lord himself was saying let Joseph Bias know that I love him and want him to follow me just as Peter did.

Joseph felt emotion raising up in him. Never would he have expected such a thing. He started crying. When his friend Allen came into the room, Joseph confessed, “I need Jesus.” They prayed together for Joseph to come into the same peaceful relationship that he had felt when he entered the home.

Joseph told me as we talked together about this event, this was the first time that he truly felt loved as a person. He knew this overpowering, heart warming love had come from the Jesus he prayed to have a new relationship with.

However, you might describe this experience, I call it a divine intervention. Joseph’s life was never the same again and was profoundly marked by love. And it all happened because a friend shared his faith and awareness that Jesus of Nazareth lived in his home.

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