Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

Halloween appears to be the only time the contemporary world pauses to believe in evil and the possibility of a devil working near us. The rest of the time we write off Satan as a figment of the imagination of the ancients. Unfortunately, that mentality misses how divine interventions are important to keep us on the right track. Here’s what happened in the Owen family.

Michael and Beth understand psychological disorders and do everything possible to avoid evil. At the same time, they know that Evil can be an all-absorbing force in people’s lives. During a trip to Muskogee, Oklahoma, they encountered a demonstration of the reality in everyday life.

They had just entered a fast food restaurant and were in line to order. Beth noticed a woman who looked like a gypsy sitting several tables away. Six or seven large cups of water were on the table in front of her. The woman kept staring down at the table and appeared uncomfortable. In a whisper, Beth conveyed almost silently to Mike what she had seen.

“Take a look when you get a chance,” Beth murmured.

“I heard you!” the woman shouted. “It’s not nice to talk about people like that!”

Beth’s first thought was that there was no way the woman could have heard her. Mike turned around with a tray in hand. People in the restaurant started looking at them.

“You and your kind are an abomination and a damnation to me!” the gypsy woman shouted. “You are of the light and I am of the darkness.”

As she continued to yell, the Owens backed away, unsure of what the woman might do next. Violence could follow. The restaurant crowd was starting to freak out. Mike and Beth had the distinct feeling the voice was somehow coming from beyond the woman. Once outside the restaurant, they determined she was not following them. The encounter with the woman became a turning point in their understanding of spiritual warfare.

Following this encounter, they began receiving telephone calls from people both inside and outside of their church seeking help in their struggle with evil. Calls have continued to this day and have opened the door for helping frightened people recover their direction and purpose in life. The encounter with the woman opened a new way for ministry that followed with divine interventions.

Most of my previous blogs have covered renewals of various varieties while Mike and Beth’s experience dealt with the negative dimension. Is the dark side real? Absolutely. However, you too can depend on divine interventions for your own success in overcoming evil.



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