Blog 36 April 17, 2017 MEET SUSAN

Before we start, I need to inform you of a change. Cancel the internet radio show! I had too much trouble in getting an acceptable quality of sound – among other things. So, I turned off the radio. Moreover, this summer, I am beginning a new website that will fascinate you to no end. The time required for these efforts makes the radio broadcast marginal. Stay tuned for future information on the new website.

For several weeks we have been exploring the divine interventions that Susan Conway experienced. They are particularly instructive because Susan is someone you might meet in the grocery story. Remember Susan Conway is a Mom and Real Estate agent. She lives her life like anyone else – except she allowed the power of God to guide her through the difficult trials. She wanted to love her heavenly Father with all her heart, mind and soul.

What do we discover?

  1. Susan was open.

Nothing in her past conditioned her to believe that an encounter with the Virgin Mary was possible. Protestants generally don’t believe in such an experience. However, when Mary appeared as Susan rocked her baby, she embraced the encounter.

The first lesson Susan teaches us is that we must be open. Jesus knocks at the door of our lives, but we’ve got to turn the key and open the door. Our heavenly Father is far more concerned with our openness than whatever we want Him to do

The miraculous walk begins when we say a simple “yes” to Him.

  1. The Lord used a means of communication that was natural for Susan.

Susan grew up believing the Lord speaks through his Word. To her surprise that conviction became more personal than she could ever have expected. While it is important not to wander off the track and try to make the Bible speak in a “hit and miss” fashion, Susan still witnesses that the Holy Spirit speaks through the scripture.

When the Lord chooses to speak to us, He uses means that are often out of the ordinary. The ordinary can become extraordinary. Susan immediately knew when the passages spoke to her. Her advice is, “pay attention in such moments.”

  1. Divine intervention comes in the midst of despair.

In Matthew 5:3, the writer records Jesus first beatitude. “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” While this is often used to endorse the value of humility, the meaning is more profound. Jesus was saying that when we have reached the end of our rope and all our capacities have been exhausted, we are at the place where we can most effectively access heaven’s resources. The den of despair is where God does His best work.

When we are certain all hope is exhausted, that’s the best place to find a miracle. Open the door and invite God to come in. He will.


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