Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view.
Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?
Read and you’ll find new insights…

          What happens when gifted people pray for intervention and recovery in an ill person? When people pray with such intent, they are actually sending life to the places where destruction has been at work. I have never found anyone who could tell me what “life” is because death is easily described but defining life is elusive. Nevertheless, with new life in our bodies, we can fight off cancer; without it, a simple infection can destroy us.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” In an indefinable way, Jesus was the embodiment of life. The people I’ve interviewed who experienced miracles discovered that his life was conveyed through his promises and by prayer. Keeping those promises constantly before them, imparted vitality. The healing eventually followed. What we have labeled as miracles are experiences infused with the substance we call life. The recipients are filled with new possibility.

Life is also embodied in many additional entities that are all around us. Flowers, trees, nature are alive because they contain life. A walk through a primeval forest energizes one because the shrubs, ancient trees, animals, all contain and convey life. As people age, it is important to stay in touch with such living entities. Those who lock themselves up in empty rooms are allowing life to slip away. The opposite is true with people who play with children, hug pets, and revitalize themselves with on-going sources of vitality.

We grow up hearing people talk about “the God world” as if it is up there, beyond the clouds, or “way over there.” Eternity is always someplace far, far away. Fortunately, the stories of the resurrection of Jesus give us a different picture. As he abruptly appeared to the apostles and then disappeared, Jesus demonstrated that heaven is “right here,” in our midst (John 20:19-23). On the Emmaus road, Jesus appeared and talked with the two men. After breaking bread (Holy Communion), when the men recognized him, Jesus disappeared. (Luke 24;13-31) The resurrected Lord moved back and forth between these two realms, heaven and earth.

I conclude that these stories demonstrate that eternity is always in our midst. The God world is constantly present to us when we know how to access it. In these blogs, we explore a number of different ways people have found entry. In order to access the power of God, one must discover the path that leads to these entrances. The final entry into this ultimate and transcendent world comes when we die. Death becomes like waking up from a nap only to discover that what we called life was actually living in a dream and now we have come into the full reality of existence where there is no time, but only eternity, no shadows but only light. A miracle occurs when we access this same eternal reality while still living in this dimension of time.

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