Blog 19 December 5, 2016 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE!

Robert Wise explores the world of Divine intervention from an objective point of view. Can 21st Century people believe that the hand of God touches people in today’s world?

Read and you’ll find new insights.

Genesis 16:7-14 describes an angel visiting Hagar, telling her she would have a wild son named Ishmael. From the sound of the story, the angel appeared like a human and would have looked like any of us. In many of the previous blogs, I have described experiences in which angels could be heard speaking through someone’s mind, but were never seen. However, that’s only one dimension to the story. Here’s another type of experience.

My good friend Joe L. Wheeler wrote My Favorite Angel Stories (Pacific Press) describing such an encounter. Kari Surdahl relates she and her mother were traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota when a blizzard struck. Subzero temperatures made the weather extremely dangerous. Kari had slowed down to a crawl when the explosive bang shook the car.

A tire had gone flat!

Kari knew that the freezing temperature made changing the tire dangerous, but they had no alternative. The spare tire had to be put on for them to keep going. And keep going they must in the icy weather.

Kari reasoned that by jumping in and out of car she could keep warm, but snow would have to be brushed away from under the car. The task would be perilous.

With all of her might she tried to turn the wrench and loosen the lug nut. Nothing moved. Kari threw all of her weight on the tool. Nothing. She knew they were in big trouble. She and her mother would freeze to death!

But when Keri told her mother, she got an unexpected response. “The Lords knows our desperate need at this time,” she shouted into the whistling, brutal wind. “Let’s kneel down beside this flat tire and ask him to help us.” Mother an daughter knelt in the snow and called for divine intervention.

As their prayer ended, the bright lights of a pickup truck came up the road. A man who looked like a rancher got out of the truck and offered to help. As Kari watched he turned the wrench effortlessly. She was amazed. The man quickly had the spare on and wished them well.

Kari and her mother were astonished. It had all happened so quickly and completely. They got out of the car to thank him, but he wasn’t there. He’d probably gotten back in his pickup. They went around to the back. There was no pickup. He couldn’t have left without them seeing him go. They looked again.

There were no tire tracks. No sign was left in the snow. The truck and the man just suddenly vanished.

Mother and daughter got back in their car and realized what had happened. An angel had saved their lives.

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